Body Shaming? Fight It Like Steffi Did!

Steffi WIlsonHave you ever gotten to a point in life where you are standing at crossroads and you don’t know which way to go? People telling you to pick a certain path because the other one is way beyond your reach? It is scary to take the unknown road but to show courage in the face of fear, to be brave, will make all the difference.

Steffi was at a similar point in her life. After having two babies, with both deliveries through c-section, her doctor told her that it was not possible for her to exercise anymore. They didn’t allow her to do any massages either, Her in laws were trying to be supportive and tried to help her recover by making sure she was well fed. This led to an increase in her weight.

As she had gained some weight, Steffi informs that her own clothes stopped fitting her and that made her very upset. To add salt to her wounds, wherever she went, people were kind on her face but laughed behind her back. Some even referred to her as “mataji” and “aunty”. It is sad to hear that even in this day and age, people still fat shame others.

She describes this as one of the toughest times in her life.

Steffi was tired of living such a life. At this point of time she had made her mind to lose weight. She just needed a nudge in the right direction.

The nudge came from her daughter. Steffi says that one day her daughter came to her and told her to lose weight. Steffi’s daughter didn’t like when people and even her friends made fun of her mother and called her fat.

Steffi started at rock bottom. She had reached the lowest point in her life. From there she could only be better.. So Steffi slowly began to incorporate healthy changes in her lifestyle.

Her daily routine now includes waking up at 3am and working out from 4:30 am to 7am. She has OZiva Protein & Herbs post workout and eggs and coffee for breakfast at 8:30. She follows it by having steel cut oats with fruits at 10am. At 12 she has mix nuts and for lunch she eats chicken with quinoa or oats and veggies with green tea. Before 4:30 she has boiled eggs and coffee and again works out from 4:30 to 6. After having chicken soup or OZiva nutritional meal shake for dinner at 6:30pm she goes to sleep by 7:30.

Steffi Wilson, a homemaker from Delhi, faced the same dilemma which most of us face. Do as they say and live in regret or do what you want. She made a brave decision and did what her heart told her to do. She has been successful in her mission and lost around 30 kgs.

She won’t stop here. Steffi shares that she has a dream to open an online business. We wish her all the luck for that.

At OZiva we love to share such Real Stories of Real people who have taken a stand in their lives and try to become a better version of themselves everyday. Steffi has not only taken a step towards a better life, she has also made her family proud.

Thank you Steffi for inspiring us all and sharing your story with us.

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