VLCD vs. LCD- Which is better for long term Weight Management

There are several types of ‘diets’ trending in the nutrition world that are coined to help lose weight. Out of these, the two diets that focus on carbs and calories- Low calorie diet and Very low calorie diet are two of the most commonly used ones.  In this article you will learn what does each one offer.

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Is Whey Protein Helpful for Diabetics?

Whey protein is one of the two major protein types that are found in milk and contributes to about 20% of the total milk composition.  The other protein being casein, however, whey is the one widely accepted and used as compared to casein due to its rapid absorbency rate and also because it is less likely to cause digestive problems.

So, how is whey protein positioned in the role of decreasing blood sugars in individuals with diabetes? Let’s find out.

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Soy- Healthy or Unhealthy? 3 Things you must know


When it comes to controversial foods, Soy or soy protein is usually in the list. For some it appears to be a wondrous super food while for some it may be nearly fatal. The debate over how beneficial or not soy has been all along has led to the founding of several studies that have observed the effects of soy under various conditions, based on which this article will shed the light on 3 major findings.

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Can Exercising Lower your Testosterone Level?

When it comes to exercise and health, there will be several points that you would want to consider or know about that could possibly bring about huge changes in your lifestyle or overall health in general.  When it comes to hormonal balance, does exercise really play a role in affecting your testosterone levels? Find out ahead. Continue reading “Can Exercising Lower your Testosterone Level?”

Soluble Fiber vs. Insoluble Fiber- 5 things you need to know

We all know dietary fiber is beneficial to us in more ways than one. It not only promotes gut health, but also helps reduce the heart related risks and other chronic diseases. A high fiber diet is linked to low LDL-c and total cholesterol levels and also tends to lower the risk of developing cancers. Additionally, dietary fiber has low GI value and therefore is a great option for controlling blood sugar levels.

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