5 Indian Salad Recipes Rich In Protein

Chickpea Salad

Meeting everyday protein requirement can be quiet challenging, especially for vegetarians, but these 5 salad recipes will help you meet your daily protein intake. They are not only rich in protein but also high in fiber and provide numerous benefits. They are perfect for lunch or dinner, super easy and to make and will keep you full for hours.

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Home-made Meal Replacement Bar

Meal replacement powders, also known as MRPs are nutritionally complete foods. Meal replacements can be found as powders or even as bar forms. These meal replacers contain a specific blend of protein, carbohydrates and fat alongside vitamins, minerals and any other foods added as fortification to the product. These are packed in such a balanced and nutritionally dense manner that meal replacements can be a great go-to for breakfast or lunch or a quick but filling snack or simply when you are in a rush.

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