Home-made Meal Replacement Bar

Meal replacement powders, also known as MRPs are nutritionally complete foods. Meal replacements can be found as powders or even as bar forms. These meal replacers contain a specific blend of protein, carbohydrates and fat alongside vitamins, minerals and any other foods added as fortification to the product. These are packed in such a balanced and nutritionally dense manner that meal replacements can be a great go-to for breakfast or lunch or a quick but filling snack or simply when you are in a rush.

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4 Ways to Unleash the Superpowers of Oatmeal!


Oats, over the past few couple of decades, have found their way into our diets and ever since then, they have been subject to frequent if not regular consideration as a powerful health food. Considering the numerous properties of oats and its ability to stick in your stomach for longer than any imaginable snack or food you may turn to for temporary satisfaction, Oats seems to have won its place.

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5 Indian Snacks with more than 10g Protein

Studies have shown that Indians are supposedly lacking in their protein intake. If you compare the snacking habits from our parents or grandparents’ time to ours, now, you would notice that we have gotten used to choosing convenience of better health time after time and therefore we face a lot more health problems than the previous generations did.  

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5 Low Sugar Protein Shake Recipes to fuel your mornings

Not a bodybuilder looking for gains? Not a problem, you can enjoy a yummy protein shake anyway! Protein is the most basic nutrient required by the body for healthy skin, better bones, and gorgeous hair. And, the best part about taking protein? It keeps you toned!

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