It’s often said, “Eat your breakfast like a king/queen,” and we are invested in this philosophy. The reason behind this popular belief comes from the name itself, ‘break fast’. Between your dinner on the previous night and breakfast the next day, this is the maximum time interval where your body goes without any sort of food. It is very common to wake up feeling groggy and in dire need of something wholesome to eat.

Make a habit of consuming a healthy protein-rich breakfast. Proteins are potent nutrients that keep you mentally and physically active, help regulate the metabolism, provide strength to the body for carrying out its daily activities, and repair damage to body tissues and muscles.

Here is our pick of the top 5 healthy breakfast ideas for you.

Overnight Oats
For vegetarians, oats should be a must-have breakfast item. One easy recipe is ‘Overnight Oats’ – which is essentially a no-cooking recipe. Just take a container and soak the oats in milk overnight. The following day, garnish this preparation with fresh fruits, dried fruits, and nuts, and your protein-packed breakfast is ready! 

To the ladies reading this article, you can add OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women to this recipe. This protein powder for women packs 23g of clean protein along with essential multivitamins, minerals, and Ayurvedic herbal extracts. Adding this clean whey protein supplement will take care of women’s protein requirements, as per Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) standards. You can watch the complete recipe here.

Cottage Cheese (Paneer) Veggie Salad
Cottage cheese is another healthy option to consider for increasing men’s and women’s protein intake during breakfast. Put the diced cottage cheese into a bowl, garnish with nuts, fruits, leafy vegetables, and voila! Your healthy paneer salad is ready. You can further add some strawberry sauce on top to up the extravaganza.

Quinoa Mixed Vegetable Salad with Feta Cheese
Of late, quinoa has emerged as a regular breakfast item, especially for preparing salads. One of our favourite recipes is the Quinoa Mixed Vegetable Salad with Feta Cheese. In this, add 1 cup of cooked quinoa to vegetables such as cucumber, cherry tomatoes, chopped onions, capsicum, etc. Garnish the preparation with crushed feta cheese and mix into a dressing made of lemon juice, olive oil, and honey.

Ragi (Millets) Roti
Ragi is coarse grain, abundant in proteins, and a very healthy breakfast option. It has been a popular choice in Indian households due to its gluten-free nature and a rich source of iron, fibres, and other essential minerals. Ragi roti is a delicious breakfast idea, easy to prepare and wholesome too. 

Add hot water to ragi flour in a 1:1 ratio to prepare a soft dough. Roll the dough into medium-sized balls, flatten them with a rolling pin and cook it on a preheated pan (similar to your regular roti). You can have this healthy ragi roti with vegetables, chutney, or even curd (dahi).

Banana Protein Milkshake
Prepare a banana milkshake by blending bananas, milk, and sugar in a mixer. To amp up the protein quotient, add a couple of scoops of OZiva Protein & Herbs clean nutrition supplement. This will be one of the best protein shakes for women and men.


The inclusion of proteins in your breakfast is one lifestyle change that will reap rich dividends for you in the long term. Which is why we at OZiva bring to you multiple plant and whey protein options that are 100% clean and further fortified with superfoods and ayurvedic herbs. Our protein powders serve as an ideal partner for both men’s and women’s protein requirements.

If you are interested in knowing about health supplements that should be a part of your diet, check out this insightful blog.

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