Dr Sulagna Chakrabarti

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Email sulagnachat1@gmail.com
Nickname dr_sulagna
Display name Dr Sulagna Chakrabarti
Website https://www.linkedin.com/in/sulagna-chakrabarti-2949b7131/

Dr Sulagna Chakrabarti is a dentist with a Masters (MDS) in Prosthodontics and Implantology. I've recently been promoted to being the technical Director for The Crown Company, a digital dental lab based in Hyderabad. She has been creating content for the last 7 years and her area of expertise is health and wellness, the gemstone and jewelry industry, travel and tourism. She also owns a small business named Tripstar Crafts, which employs rural artisans and works with NGOs to create handmade goods.

Qualifications MDS in Prosthodontics & Implantology

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