10 Ways I Got My Mom to Start Taking Care of Her Health

Mothers are those rare gems whose value is unknown to even them! That is why they need constant reminding that, along with their families and homes, they need to take care of themselves too. Lately, my mother has not been keeping well. A primary reason being that she works continuously. Age is another factor that […]

Plant-Based Food vs Vegan Food – They Aren’t The Same!

A large number of people, of late, have grown aware of the ill effects of modern agriculture and are choosing to adopt a more ethical and environmentally friendly lifestyle. This has led to the popularity of many plant-based diets, which restrict the usage of animal-derived consumer goods. Not only are these diets free of animal […]

Skin Vitamins That You Need

Have you been wondering why your skin doesn’t look like all those Instagram beauty filters? Is your armamentarium of toners, moisturizers, creams and serums not really doing much of all the wondrous things that they promised? Well, one of the reasons could be the lack of vitamins in your diet. Until your skin is nourished […]