Zinc is one of the essential nutrients in the body that helps build immunity to fight various bacteria and viruses. It is much-needed in different body mechanisms that plays a critical role in cell growth, cell division, wound healing, and carbohydrate breakdown.

Zinc is one of the nutrients that is not produced naturally, which is why it is essential to attain it through a nutrient-rich diet or supplements.

What is Zinc?

Zinc is an essential mineral required by the human body to stay healthy. It is found in cells and helps the immune system to fight viruses and bacteria. The human body needs Zinc to make protein and DNA. Zinc is used for various processes in the body:

Gene expression

Immune function

Protein synthesis

Enzymatic reactions

DNA synthesis

Wound healing



Immunity Build-up

Zinc can be naturally found in plants. Zinc supplements are widely available and help build strong immunity.

What role does Zinc play in the body?

After iron, Zinc is the second-most profusely available mineral in your body, present in each cell. It is necessary to successfully meet the activity of over 300 enzymes that helps in digestion, increasing metabolism, and stimulating nerve function.

Furthermore, this mineral helps in the development and functioning of the immune cells, protein formation, and DNA creation.

When we talk about body growth, it somehow relies on the production of Zinc in the body cells, as it has an integral role in cell division and cell growth. The taste and smell senses use particular enzymes that need Zinc to keep up their functioning. The deficiency of Zinc can reduce the ability to smell and taste.

What are the health benefits of Zinc?

Boosts Immunity
As already mentioned, one of the essential health benefits of Zinc is its role as an immunity booster. It is vital for the functioning and signalling of cells, so its deficiency can result in a weakened immune response, attracting various bacteria and viruses, leading to several health complexities.

Therefore, taking zinc supplement will reduce the risks of infections while boosting immunity.

Wound Healing
Several hospitals use Zinc as a treatment measure to heal burns, ulcers, and other skin issues. As this mineral plays an integral role in immune function, collagen production, and inflammatory response, it becomes essential for proper healing. It also helps in the healing and reduction of acne and acne scars

Your body holds around 5% of zinc content, and zinc deficiency can lead to slow wound healing. Thus, zinc supplements can speed wound healing.

Decrease Inflammation
Intake of Zinc helps reduce oxidative stress and elevates the stress levels of some inflammatory proteins in the body. When you suffer from oxidative stress, your body can cause chronic inflammation, leading to other factors such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, or mental decline.

Zinc supplements can significantly help in reducing inflammatory diseases.


Now that you know the benefits of zinc supplement, you need to plan your diet according to it. If your diet is insufficient, you can opt for supplements like OZiva Bettr.Zinc+ that is derived from plant-based extracts, gets absorbed easily in the body and will your body to fight acne and to boost immunity.

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