Recovery is a significant part of any workout or training program. The resting and recovering period improves performance, prepares the body for the next session, and reduces potential injury risk. After an intense workout, the recovery break can help repair tissues, rebuild muscles, and strengthen the overall body. 

There are certain foods like whey protein powders that improve recovery. They contain branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) like leucine, isoleucine or valine that reduce muscle soreness and muscle fatigue. If you’re at a risk of muscle wasting, you should consume BCAAs as they contain 35% of essential amino acids that make up muscle protein. 

Apart from BCAAs, certain herbs like Moringa and Ginseng also help in muscle recovery. Apart from being a complete plant protein with all the essential amino acids including BCAAs, Moringa also has anti-inflammatory properties that combat muscle soreness and aid in recovery.  Ginseng, meanwhile, is an adaptogenic herb i.e. it restores the balance in the and helps it to respond to stress, which could be physical or emotional.

Incorporating foods in your everyday diet will definitely help you recover better. If you’re finding it difficult to do so you can opt for OZiva Protein & Herbs for Men that is already fortified with a special recovery blend. 

Along with diet, you can do specific yoga asanas to improve your recovery after a rigorous workout. 

Four Yoga Poses to Improve Recovery 

Pigeon Pose or Pada Rajakapotasana
The pigeon pose is one of the best hip opener poses and great for a hamstring stretch. You can choose from classic pigeon pose, pigeon on a perch, resting pigeon pose, reclined pigeon pose or revolved pigeon pose depending upon your comfort level. These yoga poses will help you to release soreness in the lower body and strengthen the hip area. 

Thread the Needle Pose or Urdhva Mukha Pasasana
If you are looking to gently stretch and stimulate your neck, arms, shoulder and upper back, you should try this pose. Typically it releases tension in the upper body after the workout and strengthens the rotator cuff muscles. Most people love doing the Urdhva Mukha Pasasana because it offers a calming effect by helping relieve chronic pain and enhancing recovery. 

Cow Face Pose or Gomukhasana
It is an excellent pose if you are looking for a quick recovery. When you do the cow face pose correctly, it deep stretches and helps release tight muscles around the shoulder, ankles, chest, triceps, glutes and hips. Apart from helping in recovery and relaxation, it also makes the spine and abdominal muscles stronger.  

Frog Pose or Bhekasana
This asana is very popular amongst athletes and sportspersons. It increases circulation in the body and opens up hips and groin muscles. Along with speedy recovery, it also improves body posture. There are variations in frog pose, such as the one-leg bhekasana, Ardha bhekasana and more, which you can choose based on your comfort level.


As much as workouts are necessary, post-workout recovery through diet and yoga is equally important. Your body needs to repair physically and mentally during the recovery phase. Proper sleep, hydration, diet, yoga and nutrition will help you balance your overall performance. So get yourself a protein powder that helps you in recovery too and practise these asanas regularly.

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