Your 5 Step Nutritional Gain Diet Plan

Perhaps, you are someone who has tried and tested many tips and advices given to you by family, friends and gym buddies but have somehow still failed to give you the kind of results that you have been hoping for. Worry not, for we have the best of expert advice lined up here for you to skim and skimp through.

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  • Eat: If you want muscles, you will need calories. But don’t just gulp down heavy formulas in a bid to fill your calorie count. While that is still okay to go for, it should not be the only way you eat your daily calories. Make it a point to also eat a balanced, wholesome diet that is not just good for the stomach but also gives you the necessary energy and a host of original nutrients. You can work your way throughout with the calories, depending on how your day is scheduled. If you are able to have 5-6 meals easily, breakdown your calorie intake for the day equally into 6 portions as meals and snacks. Or if you are packed for time, you can just distribute the calories into 3 main meals. What this does is, instead of dumping a majority of calories into your body immediately after a workout and disrupting the system, you can give steady doses of meals to your tummy so that the food is also digested well and you don’t feel heavily lethargic afterwards.
  • Don’t shy away from whey: Weight gain powders seem like the easy answers to every skinny person’s problem. However, make sure to buy a good whey-based gainer. The gainer shake, as are they designed, will do most of your work by providing calories in bulk so that you don’t have to bother of eating until you run out of ideas or appetite, for that matter.  


The best type of weight gainer that you should settle for is the one with a good blend of protein, that has more of whey protein, less amount of sugar and added micronutrients. Consciously avoid the ones with higher amount of sugar per serving (i.e., having > 20gm. sugar/ scoop) since the huge sugar amount acts as a filler in these products and almost negates the purpose of the protein while you end up eating empty calories that may contribute to fat.


  • Eat protein evenly: Contrary to the widely accepted misconception, protein will still work its way out to your muscles even when you take it evenly throughout the day. Most people believe that the best time to have protein is immediately after or around the workout period, but this is not scientifically proven nor seems very gut-friendly either. According to researches, per meal, at least 30 gm. or protein is easily digested by the body, so considering for example the protein intake for an average male is 90 gm. per day, you could simply break this into 6 portions of 15 gm. or 3 portions of 30 gm. protein per meal- depending on how many meals you will be having in a day.  


  • Don’t skimp on the carbs: When you workout intensely, your glycogen stores will be all used up. If you don’t refuel them throughout the workout, it will hamper your stamina and ultimately, the outcome and result of the exercise as well. Therefore, either make it a point to have sufficient amount of carbs either before workout starts or during the workout to ensure there is a constant supply of energy throughout. Having sufficient amount of carbs also means that your protein will left untouched and spared for muscle building process.


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High protein bed time meal: When you finish off diner earlier, you will not be having anything until breakfast time.  So, throughout the night the body will undergo hours of fasting since it will be without food. In such a situation, the body tends to go into a catabolic or breakdown mode where the muscles will be broken down for energy. Therefore, it is essential to have a protein (preferably, casein) rich bed time snack so that there is steady release of protein throughout the night and your body will undergo muscle synthesis.

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