How do you pamper your skin? Do you use face cream or tone every night with your toner? 

While there are top-notch skincare products to rely on, sometimes the right way to fix your skin from the inside out is with the use of nutrition. By and large, we can get all the essential nutrients like vitamins, probiotics, and minerals from our diets – and we should desire that. 

But let’s be straight: Pulling off optimal levels through a regular diet isn’t possible these days. We are too engrossed, and our nutrient requirements can fall short at times, despite our consistent efforts.  

If acne is blocking your skin’s natural glow and you’re seeking answers on how to reduce acne scars, this blog is for you!

The role of zinc in lightening acne scars

We know zinc is loaded with health benefits, but it delivers some outstanding antioxidant benefits too. It has a significant role in sheltering your skin against free radicals in the surroundings.

Because Zinc is anti-inflammatory, it has been associated with decreased oil production, which in turn decreases the formation of new pimples, acne marks, or scars. 

Another amazing benefit is protection against oxidative damage that can end up causing inflammations. Zinc is also known to prevent signs of aging. This is because it aids in DNA repair to keep your skin healthy.

Zinc’s antibacterial properties are one of its kind. Research says zinc is effective in healing Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Rosacea, and Melasma. It combines with mild alpha and beta acids that clog the pores and helps kill bacteria that cause acne. 

When it comes to fighting acne marks, zinc can be your go-to-glow nutrient!

How to use zinc for acne?

Hydration is the key to clear skin. Indulging in balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and nuts, may promote glowing skin. 

In addition to zinc-rich foods, there are several plant-based zinc supplements to help in acne scar reduction naturally. One of the simplest ways is to begin with OZiva Plant Based Bettr.Zinc +, which maintains better skin health. This 100% natural plant-based zinc supplement contains chamomile and blueberry that promote skin repair while controlling acne at the same time. 

What’s more, it is lactose-free, non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, and free from all preservatives, sweeteners, and additives. The entire production process goes through quality checks, and every product from the OZiva is tested for safety. 

Daily intake of 3 capsules at least an hour before or 2 hours after a meal is recommended for effective results. To see lasting results in the long run, it is best to continue this Zinc supplement for 3-6 months.

Say hello to radiant glow!

While everyone craves for a spotless, young and glowing skin, maintaining this requires a lot of commitment. Zinc may not be as effective as antioxidants; however, it works wonders when paired with vitamins, minerals, and other anti-inflammatory nutrients. 

Thus, we recommend exercising, physical fitness, and eating a clean, plant-based diet along with Zinc supplements. You can also check out other vitamins and supplements from OZiva, which can indirectly aid in skin repair. 

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