In order to meet optimal health, zinc is considered one of the essential elements. Zinc minerals help in boosting immunity and support the immune system. By blocking harmful cell production and pathogens, it tends to reduce illness and skin problems. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing acne.

Does Zinc Really Work for Acne?

Talking about zinc for acne, it has been considered an extensively studied mineral. The salts and elements gathered from zinc help in resolving a myriad of skin ailments. The antioxidant present in the zinc minerals helps treat skin inflammation and fight the bacteria that cause skin breakouts and acne.

Well, zinc is not produced inside the body, but it is considered an integral mineral as it helps the body from internal and external factors. You can easily increase the production of zinc by adding zinc-rich foods to your diet. However, several people consider taking zinc supplements as it provides equal and quicker benefits.

In addition, zinc supplements have been marketed to cure a cold, boost immunity to fight viruses, or shorten the illness. Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties that help in relieving redness and irritation that is related to acne.

What benefits are associated with Zinc for Acne?

Antioxidant Properties
Zinc has antioxidant properties that help in the reduction of dead skin cells, oil, dirt, bacteria, and acne control. When your skin accumulates excess dead cells within the glands, then it can lead to clogged pores. It can be due to hormonal changes or oil production. Such build-up can result in breakouts, which can possibly lead bacteria to pile up in the clogged pores, causing excessive irritation and redness.

Zinc can lower acne production by reducing the inflammatory response, stopping bacteria that can invade the clogged pores, and scaring away the dead skin cells.

Antibacterial Properties
Cutibacterium acnes or Propionibacterium acnes is the bacteria that results in acne production because of clogged skin pores or dead skin. Researchers have found that zinc can significantly help in fighting this bacteria that invade pores and causes acne. Zinc is antimicrobial that causes minimal side effects and gradually kills the acne-causing bacteria.

Retinol-A compound is known to kill acne bacteria, and zinc helps the proteins to convert vitamin A to retinol. All in all, zinc consumption can significantly help in every way to reduce the formation of and increase the treatment of acne.

How can Zinc Supplements be Beneficial?

As your body is unable to produce zinc naturally, you need to source it through external sources such as food and supplements. OZiva Bettr.Zinc+ contains zinc derived from plant-based extracts. Zinc is helpful in the treatment of acne; thus, taking zinc supplements will benefit in their reduction.


Zinc can help in the proper functioning of your immunity system and maintain the health of your skin. Acne or acne marks are highly stressful, so take the zinc supplement as advised by your physician for acne-free skin.

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