While it’s always advisable to take zinc supplements, you may be overloaded by all the choices displayed in the market. To help you understand whether you are taking the right zinc supplements in an appropriate amount, we’re here to help you out. Keep reading!

Synthetic or plant-based: Which zinc supplements are better?

Synthetic zinc supplements
Synthetic zinc supplements are made artificially via an industrial process. They do not include whole-food supplements. 

Most of the zinc supplements available today are synthetically processed, meaning they’ve been chemically manufactured in the laboratory. Therefore, they are harmful to the body. The added colouring, sweeteners and preservatives make them difficult for the body to absorb them. 

Plant-based zinc supplements
On the contrary, plant-based zinc supplements are gluten-free, soy-free, and chemical-free. They are also devoid of any additional sugar, sweeteners, additives, or preservatives. Above all, your body absorbs plant-based zinc supplements better than synthetic ones. 

Plant-based supplements are acclaimed for multiple health benefits, like easy digestion, better absorption and several health benefits. Also, plant-based supplements are derived from whole foods, which in turn, make them a healthier option. Since the size of a plant-based supplement is smaller, it is easier to digest. In terms of risks, plant-based vitamins have lower toxicity risk. 

To utilise most of the zinc benefits, be sure that your meals are rich in nuts, seeds, lentils, low-fat yoghurt, oatmeal, mushrooms, etc. Add to it clean, gluten-free, plant-based zinc supplements. 

The human body is designed to absorb whole foods. But, we fail to meet our daily nutrient needs with fresh food, fruits and vegetables. For that matter, it is best to take zinc supplements that are plant-based and not synthetic. 

For a zinc supplement that is clinically approved and safe to use, check out OZiva’s Plant Based Bettr.Zinc +. It not just keeps acne in control, but also promotes skin repair. It is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. OZiva Bettr.Zinc+ also plays an important role in immunity building. The supplement is also known for its superb anti-inflammatory properties. 

How should you take zinc supplements?

Do not take these supplements along with your favourite cup of coffee, else it might disrupt the absorption process. We recommend taking it 1-2 hours before or after your meal. 


Now that you understand why plant-based supplements are a healthier and successful option, it’s time to focus on zinc supplements along with a balanced quantity of zinc-rich diet. Luckily, these supplements will be able to take care of your daily zinc needs. 

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