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In 2023, OZiva now has two clinically proven proprietary ingredients for science-backed results on hair and skin within 4 months. These clinically proven ingredients were certified by the Clinical Trials Registry – India. We looked at the first one SesZenBioTM previously. Today we will discuss CollabZenTM.

There are multiple concerns related to fighting signs of aging among Indian men and women, starting in the early 20s. From the age of 25, the body’s natural Collagen content begins to decline due to reasons such as pollution, UV damage, and other environmental reasons. However, there are a lot of safety concerns around anti-ageing cosmetic formulations. A safe and effective long-term approach towards brighter and healthier skin using natural and Ayurvedic ingredients and nutritional supplements is a great way to help.

Results of the Clinical Trial on CollabZenTM

Clinical proven Outcomes Upto 40% improved deep skin hydration in 8 weeks

Upto 65% improved facial skin elasticity in 8 weeks

Upto 30% improved facial skin firmness in 8 weeks

INCI NAME (ACTIVE) Phyllanthus emblica, Camellia
sinensis, and Coffea arabica
Description: Plant extract powder
No. of participants 64 in 8 weeks

64 volunteers participated over 8 weeks in the study.

Our Clinically Proven products

OZiva has one product that contain Clinically Proven CollabZenTM – OZiva Plant Based Collagen Builder.

It is India’s 1st skin supplement with clinically proven CollabZenTM that provides

– Polyphenols from Amla and Green Tea extracts help improve collagen production and reduce collagen degradation
– Anti-oxidants from Pomegranate, Beetroot, and strawberry stabilizes free radicals to help improve skin texture and appearance
– Biotin from the Sesbania Agati plant to improve skin radiance

100% Plant-based, 0% Side Effects for healthier, brighter & youthful skin in 3 months.

*Based on clinically studied ingredient SesZenBioTM CTRI/2022/10/046324

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