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In 2023, OZiva now has two clinically proven proprietary ingredients for science-backed results on hair and skin within 4 months. These clinically proven ingredients were certified by the Clinical Trials Registry – India. Today, we will explore the first of them, SesZenBioTM. 

India has a well-established traditional medicinal system which has been accepted globally. Natural drugs made with Ayurvedic extracts are safer with fewer side effects, fuelling a demand for herbal medicines, across the world. India is also one of the major contributors in the world market of alternative medicines, due to the rich biodiversity of medicinal plants. In the 2020s, there has been a surge in plant extracts in formulations in the nutraceutical industry. One of the plants under study is the Sesbania Agati plant, which explored medicinal, food, and cosmetics potential. Sesbania Agati’s leaves and flowers contain an abundance of vitamins (including Vitamin A, Riboflavin, and Biotin) and minerals (including Zinc and Selenium). 

Biotin helps the body produce elastin and keratin to maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails. Biotin cannot be stored in the body, hence regular supplementation through biotin powder, biotin capsules, and biotin hair gummies. Natural sources of biotin include nuts and legumes. 

Why OZiva Formulated Clinically Proven SesZenBioTM

Increased use of herbal medicines has created a huge demand for natural products. Knowing that our fellow venture Zenherb Labs in Mumbai had the technology and the scientific expertise, we set to work to create our own completely natural, plant-based proprietary ingredient for hair and skin. In 2022, we chose to also substantiate and prove its efficacy by conducting a clinical trial, held for 2 months with 27 participants. The results seen in the trial were tremendously effective. 

To ensure the quality of the final product, we handled the raw materials with good manufacturing practices and continuous quality control tests using modern and conventional analytical methods. 

OZiva has developed a proprietary formulation containing Sesbania Agati
leaves extract named SesZenBioTM. In the current study, characterization of the formulation was carried out using analytical (HPLC & HPTLC) and genetic methods (DNA barcoding).
Also, mechanistic evaluation of the benefits of biotin consumption on hair health has been carried out using computational studies (molecular docking), to gain a deeper understanding of the molecular mechanisms in play.

Results of the Clinical Trial on SesZenBioTM


Clinical proven Outcomes Up to 25% improved Hair Density in 8 weeks

Up to 28% improved Hair Diameter in 8 weeks

Up to 48% reduction in facial wrinkles

Up to 51% reduced facial fine lines in 8 weeks

Up to 58% lighter skin tone in 8 weeks

INCI NAME (ACTIVE) Sesbania Grandiflora extract (leaf)
Description: Plant extract powder
Technical: Form : Powder               Solubility: 95% Water Soluble

Use Level: 500 mg         Biodegradability: Readily biodegradable

Biomolecules Biotin & Polyphenols as gallic acid equivalent

SesZenBioTM is mechanistically double in hair and skin care potential. This might be attributed to the higher bioactives in the proprietary extract. The extract is derived from the green process, hence free from toxic residual solvents. SesZenBioTM is proven to have no carbon footprints hence, 100% naturally derived.

Biotin is active on the 2R53 receptor (both synthetic & natural) and complies with Lipinski’s rule of 5, thus is bioavailable and a potential candidate molecule. It is noteworthy that the natural plant-based biotin contains NLT 2% polyphenols which could act on the 4 additional receptors leading to hair follicle stimulation. Hence SesZenBioTM is way ahead of synthetic biotin in therapeutic efficacy which is because of its efficiency in interacting with 5 receptors as against synthetic biotin, which binds to only 1 receptor. The analytical techniques confirmed the concentration of biotin in the final

Clinically Proven

Mechanism of Action of Clinically Proven SesZenBioTM

Clinically Proven SesZenBioTM increases serum ferritin levels in the body. As a result, it increases iron retention and blood circulation, sending more blood to your hair follicles. This rush of blood increases your hair follicle stimulation, leading to increased hair thickness, hair density, hair fall control and improved hair growth. 

SesZenBioTM also increases keratin production in hair to improve hair texture. 

Our Clinically Proven products

OZiva has two products that contain Clinically Proven SesZenBioTM – OZiva Hair Vitamins and OZiva Plant Based Biotin.

OZiva Hair Vitamins is India’s 1st hair supplement with clinically proven SesZenBioTM that provides
Biotin from Sesbania Agati plant & Iron from Curry leaves to nourish hair roots and Zinc from Guava leaf extracts to help block excess DHT-hormone & strengthen hair follicles

It is 100% Plant-based and has 0% Side Effects. 96% users have experienced improved hair growth & reduced hair fall in 4 Months*

OZiva Plant Based Biotin is India’s 1st biotin with clinically proven SesZenBioTM that provides Biotin extracted from the Sesbania Agati plant to nourish hair roots and Amla, enriched with Vitamin C, to strengthen hair. It is a 100% plant-based biotin powder with no side effects.

96% of users have experienced thicker hair in 4 Months*

*Based on clinically studied ingredient SesZenBioTM CTRI/2022/10/046324

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