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When you read the word ‘Salad’ the first thing that comes to your mind is green. Sure thing, most things green (and edible!) are healthy and salads do contain some considerable amount of greens in them but that’s not all that there’s to it. Salads can be your artwork.

You can add in your favourite type of protein, healthy versions of dressings and what not! Salads are like your imagination- let them run wild (creativity-wise speaking.)

While we talk about moving beyond some few pieces of cucumber, tomatoes and onions in the name of salad, let’s weigh down the healthier add-ons that actually add weight-age to your diet and help you take the weight-away.

  • Greek or hung Yogurt:

Satisfyingly thick and tangy, this dairy product need not just be limited to your fruit yogurt or lassi. Packed with protein as high as 15 to 20 gm. per a bowl full, this health food can be a healthy option for your dressings. As a plus point, you’ll be getting in healthy, helpful bacteria in your gut as probiotics. You can bid farewell to mayonnaise!

  • Chickpeas or Kabuli chana:

If you want to try for a healthy, crispy add-on to your salad/ soup you can try some oven-blasted or roasted chickpeas. Add to your evening homemade chat, or make them a part of your sprouts salad or top your soup with some crispy spice-crusted chickpeas. A cup full of chickpeas will give you a nice kick of fiber with around 7 gm of protein.

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  • Lentils:

Providing anywhere between 7-10 gm. protein per 45 gm. cooked lentils serve as a good option for protein packed snack for your untimely hunger pangs. Lentils are good source of potassium, high in folate, iron and antioxidants and have been linked to several health benefits with the added quality of fiber. Have them as soups, sprouts, burger patties, dip or plain boiled mixed with your choice of veggies or some paneer crumble and you are good to go.


Don’t limit yourself to just vegetables! Get creative with fruits too, top them with nuts or seeds (like pumpkin seeds, flax seeds) for that extra crunch. Go ahead, try out interesting recipes and feel free to share them with us on our OZiva social media pages! 

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