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Anyone who shares an intimate relation with their daily cup of coffee will vouch for the new sense of energy that a caffeine dose brings along. At the most basic level, caffeine actually can help you get through that door for your run or any other workout, on the mornings you are not really feeling it!

Caffeine works to stimulate your nervous system, thereby delaying the feeling of fatigue and muscle soreness and that is precisely what keeps you going for longer. And better.

Caffeine is one insanely popular ergogenic aid in the world for one major reason, and a valid one at that: it DOES work. Here are the top 4 ways that a preworkout dose of caffeine might help you with:


Given a chance, it can be more than just an alerting nudge that you need in the morning. Caffeine is known to have several physiological effects that can really up your performance. It takes very little time for caffeine to be taken up by the digestive system which then proceeds to act on several organs at once al leading to help you achieve a notch more in your workout session.

Trust us, look beyond them myths and grab your caffeine now!

Could you go wrong with it?

 As the Chinese phrase Wù-jí-bì-f?n has it,  meaning-too much of a good thing is bad. While there is no such conclusion by evidence for any adverse effects on health, however, the ones with pre-existing heart condition, expectant ladies or those on certain medications should prefer avoiding it to be on the safer side. And if you take it just closer to your bedtime, you might as well end up missing out on your beauty sleep. The best dose for caffeine to be taken in is around 100-200 mg/ day.

How does it help with HIIT:

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Caffeine is known to improve the removal of fatty acid by increasing their circulation thus increasing their utilization as fuel. As per studies, supplementation of caffeine in the recommended dosage is reducing the feeling of exertion. Most evidence based studies on endurance athletes have observed, the exertion in the athletes was delayed by at least a quarter hour and showed overall improvement in performance.

So, where can you find yours?

Caffeine is available in several gel, blocks, drinks and tablet or capsule forms. However, based on the findings and conclusions of studies, caffeine in anhydrous (concentrated forms, like tablets or capsule) forms is touted to be best in effectiveness.

While most may find their effective dosage in the range of 100-250 mg. or higher depending on the activity level; however for beginners 100 mg. is a good start.

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