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Ever since I was a kid, I would laugh at my parents’ obsession with nutrition supplements. My father was a Spirulina fan and would keep ordering boxes of the algae and finding ways to inculcate it in our diet, while my mother would keep talking about how eating bananas would give me my daily dose of potassium. Now they are in their sixties, healthier and fitter than me, and having the last laugh. So as a result, the minute I entered my thirties, I too started following in my parents’ footsteps. I started exercising and after a lot of research, started including plant-based supplements that will help me complete my dietary requirements.

Here are the 6 Healthy Supplements That You Can Add to Your Diet.

1. Protein Powder for Muscle Strength : I have always struggled with a lack of upper body strength. As I move towards a healthier lifestyle of exercise and muscle building, I needed something to help support this journey. Which is why I started using protein powders, but I made sure I use one that has plant protein. It’s great for supplementing my daily protein requirements and the best part is that I can easily make it a part of any meal, like mix it in my chapati dough or my banana smoothie, it’s delicious! 

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2. Superfood for the Superwoman : With a super hectic schedule, it has become essential for me to transform into a superwoman daily. And for that you need the power of superfoods in your daily diet as the high amount of vitamins and minerals in them can help build up your immunity and ward off diseases. My father of course suggested having Spirulina. But I wanted something more. I did my research and finally found something that works for me and has the goodness of multiple superfoods like Blueberry, Chlorella, Amla, Triphala, Guava, and many more in addition to Spirulina. And I love it. It gives me the energy to get through the tightest of schedules and chores with ease. Do your research and make sure you check the ingredients before buying your own superfood supplement.

Our recommendation: OZiva’s Superfoods Greens & Herbs 

3. 2 scoops a day, can help keep Diabetes away : This one is actually for my Dad, which I found at my Mom’s behest. She wanted something that could help my Dad’s prediabetes condition. Now in our culture, while there are a lot of Ayurvedic plant-based remedies recommended for diabetics, right from cinnamon to karela, it gets a bit difficult to curate and blend all of them on an everyday basis. This supplement from OZiva that we found has 35+ herbs, and helps improve internal balance, helps control sugar levels, and promote overall health especially liver and brain.

Our recommendation:  OZiva Superfoods Greens & Herbs for Diabetes and Prediabetes

4. Boosting Immunity every day : Apart from customized masks, the other thing my roommate and I have been scouring for on the internet is a good plant-based supplement that boosts immunity. We wanted something that has antioxidants, vitamin-C and will help boost the immune system and yet without the risk of side effects (I am allergic to soy and my roommate is lactose intolerant). After a lot of research, recommendations and advice we finally found the perfect fit for both of us. If you too are planning to take an immunity booster, going for a plant based one is always the best bet. 

Our recommendation: OZiva Plant-Based Immunity Booster.

5. Better Bone Health for WomenUs women are more prone to joint problems than men. This can be attributed to the ‘others-first’ lifestyle that we live and also the oestrogen imbalance that affects calcium production in our bodies. For now, I am trying to be more selfish and putting my own body’s needs first like exercising and eating better. When i turned 30 the first thing that I did was buying myself a plant-based calcium supplement. Infact I found one from OZiva that also takes into account hormonal imbalance. My mum, who suffers from arthritis, has also started including it as a part of her daily routine. A calcium supplement is something that I would recommend to all the women above 30. Get it for yourself and your mom I say! 

Our recommendation: OZiva HerBones

6. Long and Effective Route to Stronger, Shinier HairEvery person wants their skin to glow and for their hair to look like they’ve stepped out of a shampoo commercial. I have however learned the hard way, that what we eat plays an equally important role, and even the most expensive creams fail to work if the diet is unclean and improper. To get a good supplement that works actively for better-looking skin and hair wasn’t easy. After much research and comparisons, I decided on a Biotin perfect for my needs. The biotin in my plant-based supplement is sourced organically from Sesbania Agati. Now, whenever people ask me the secret to my better skin and hair, I simply smile and say, “You’re what you eat.”

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I hope this article was beneficial for you if you are seriously thinking of adding nutritional supplements to your diet considering today’s hectic schedules. Do your research well before you start any supplements and if you have any serious pre-exsisting health concerns it will be a good idea to take your physician’s advice.

If you are looking for clean plant-based supplements, then you should definitely check out the wide range of products offered by OZiva. 

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