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Are you sitting and searching “Biotin for hair” or “Biotin for skin?” While nourishing your hair from the inside out with biotin for hair might be one answer, we need to think about it more holistically. 

While so many people face hair fall issues, we often tend to Google it out to check for the best home remedies, besides our regular hair care routine. We often try to get an organic, chemical-free solution for our hair damage.

Well, we all have heard about Biotin for hair, also known as vitamin B7 — which is a B-complex vitamin that helps our body break down food into valuable energy. While you can maintain healthy biotin levels by eating seeds, nuts, and some vegetables, many people choose to consume it as a daily supplement – trying out Biotin for hair and biotin for skin!

Biotin for hair has become the new trend for consumers who wish to have longer and healthier hair. Current recommendations for biotin by the Institute of Medicine state that the daily adequate intake (AI) for adults is 30 μg/day. 

Before you rush to buy Biotin for hair, let’s understand some things such as how many mcg of Biotin per day you should take, or how much biotin per day for hair growth! 

Let’s also explore another alternative to help solve the problems with your hair – hair vitamins!

Role of Biotin for Healthy Hair

Biotin’s function in protein synthesis and more specifically, in keratin production, explains its contribution to healthy hair growth.Research shows that biotin for hair improves hair health — including shine, volume and scalp coverage in women who experience hair thinning. Certain research also shows biotin supplementation can help and improve hair regrowth in those who have been suffering from hair fall, alopecia or hair loss.In cases of acquired and inherited causes of biotin deficiency as well as pathologies, such as brittle nail syndrome or uncombable hair, biotin supplementation may be beneficial. 

If you are a pro at Googling, you might have realized that a lot of natural ingredients can help you with your hair problems, such as:

  • Bamboo extract – It stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, strengthening hair follicles and is known for its scalp-soothing effects. This plant extract also contains antioxidant qualities, which help in promoting hair growth. Bamboo’s high silica content can have several positive effects on your hair, including faster, healthier hair development.

  • Amla – Amla contains essential fatty acids that penetrate into the follicles, making the hair softer, shinier and giving it a good volume.  Amla is very effective in balancing the pitta dosha so it prevents premature greying of hair and stimulates hair growth.
  • Sesbania extract –  It helps in Healthy hair growth and stronger hair by improving blood circulation in the scalp for healthy follicles.

All of these ingredients are present in OZiva’s Biotin for hair! Try out OZiva Plant Based Biotin. It is Clinically Proven for Improved Hair Density in 8 Weeks*. The specialty of OZiva’s biotin is that it is 100% “clean” – meaning no harmful ingredients – and also 100% plant-based and natural. Having 100% natural biotin for hair and biotin for skin means it is more bioavailable and easily absorbed into your body. Aside from improving hair density, OZiva biotin helps improve skin and nail health as well! 

Other than Biotin, if you have noticed problems with your overall hair health, then we have another holistic solution for you! Let’s read all about hair vitamins, and then about the difference between biotin for hair and hair vitamins.


OZiva Hair Vitamins is a powerful combination of 11 special ingredients other than the Vitamins and Omega 3, which makes it all the more special for all types of hair health.Here is the role of the essential vitamins for our hair health –

Vitamin B-Complex

B-Complex Vitamins help to create red blood cells which carry oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles thereby promoting overall hair health by creating a nourishing atmosphere.
When it comes to hair health out of all the B-Complex vitamins the most profound Vitamin contributing to our hair health is Vitamin B7 also known as Biotin. OZiva Hair Vitamins contain around 2500 mcg of Biotin for hair naturally.

Biotin for hair helps by making hair thicker, stronger and shinier.Certain research also shows biotin supplementation can help and improve hair regrowth in those who have been suffering from hair fall, alopecia or hair loss.

There are times when your hair fall or hair loss isn’t just due to lack of Biotin for hair but due to the other vital nutrients which are essential for hair health. Deficiencies like Vitamin A, Vitamin C,Vitamin E, B-complex, Iron, and zinc can also lead to hair problems. Let’s understand how each of them directly or indirectly influences our hair health.

Vitamin A

Along with Biotin, for hair, Vitamin A is required for new growing cells and Hair is the fastest growing tissue and hence needs a good supply of Vitamin A.

It not only aids in hair growth but also helps to keep the hair follicles healthy by providing enough moisture and that further helps to prevent breakdown.

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant and plays a vital role for our hair health. It prevents and fights free radicals which damage collagen in our body. This Collagen further helps to promote the protein called keratin. Keratin is a protective protein which helps to form the outer layer(epidermis) of our skin, hair and nails. It is basically the structural building block of our hair. It also helps to also support our skin and heal wounds and keep hair, nails and skin healthy. It is a good companion to Biotin for hair.

Vitamin E 

Vitamin E is a strong fat soluble antioxidant essential for not only healthy skin but also for healthy scalp.

It supports the scalp health and gives our hair a strong base to grow from by reducing oxidative stress and preserving the protective lipid layer. It stimulates hair growth and reduces split ends. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin E helps to reduce and prevent the wear and tear for scalp and also reduces the levels of oxidative stress.

Vitamin E also gives our hair that extra shine and makes it voluminous. It also prevents premature greying and adds a natural lustre to your hair. It repairs damaged hair follicles, resulting in stronger roots that make it one of the best vitamins for hair, along with Biotin for hair.

A study also showed that vitamin E supplements improved hair growth in people withair loss. It’s thought that the vitamin’s antioxidant properties helped reduce oxidative stress in the scalp. Oxidative stress has been linked with hair loss. Hence it also repairs damaged hair follicles, making the hair roots stronger.


Iron is an essential mineral for many functions however when it comes to our hair health it plays a vital role for good hair and its maintenance. 

It ensures sufficient oxygen is being regulated to the scalp along with other nutrients along with it. It provides nourishment to the hair follicles and hence Iron deficiency, which is the most common nutrient deficiency in the world also known as anaemia. 

Anaemia can cause hair fall/ hair loss/weak hair, especially in women, daily 45 mg of iron will help to avoid these deficiencies. The low iron stores (ferritin) increases the rate of hair fall, especially in non-menopausal women. Iron also helps to improve hair texture and reduces dullness by increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots and scalp.


Zinc deficiency can be one of the contributing factors for poor hair health, studies found that Zinc deficiency leads to changes in the protein structure of hair follicles leading to weakening of their structural integrity. This means new hairs will fall off quicker than they should. To increase the hair follicle growth Zinc helps stabilise the cell membranes and helps remove oxidative radicals to promote the integrity of hair follicle cells. 

Hence including zinc in our routine will help to fulfil the daily requirements of 40 mg, which is the recommended daily allowance and also ensures good hair health.


Selenium, a strong antioxidant, has immuno-modulatory properties, which helps to clear toxins which have an adverse effect on the hair growth and can cause hindrance in our hair health.
It helps in formation of the new hair and it regulates the thyroid hormones as well.
These hormones indirectly affect our other systems functioning as well, these hormones and minerals go hand in hand which help in having healthy hair and deficiency of one can cause severe hair loss.


Omega is a rich class of fatty acids which is anti-inflammatory, fights and decreases the inflammation in our body.  It provides essential nutrients to the hair follicles and also keeps it healthy by providing the needed healthy fats.
It manages hair loss as it reduces inflammation caused by factors like stress, heavy medications and poor sleep patterns/lifestyle etc. Studies also show it can help to improve the overall hair health and increase the hair thickness and reduce brittleness of the hair.

DHT Blocker –

DHT Blocker may sound like a huge word but it’s basically DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is a male sex hormone. This hormone functions by binding to the receptors in our scalp and gradually this causes loss of the hair and also shrinks the follicle size which reduces the new hair growth as well, this is generally found in male pattern baldness also known as androgenic alopecia. So DHT Blocker helps to block this activity of the hormone which helps further to improve hair growth and also stop the current hair loss.

Natural ingredients like Stinging nettle, Beta-sitosterol and pine bark have also gained a lot of popularity for their contributing benefits for hair problems.

Stinging Nettle – It is one of the oldest recorded remedies used for treating and preventing hair loss. This is primarily due to the high amount of sulphur and silica in nettle, which improves hair health by strengthening the hair shaft.It helps to strengthen the hair fibre, Improves sebum production, Helps in dandruff and hair loss management. Also regulates hair growth and maintains hair elasticity.

Pine bark – It is known to promote hair growth and improve hair density.

Pumpkin seeds – Pumpkin seed extract has a protective effect against nutrient deficiency-driven hair loss. The antioxidants Vitamin E and Linoleic found in pumpkin seed extract hold strong anti-inflammatory effects and decrease oxidation, which also combats hair loss and boosts hair health

Beta sitosterol – Beta sitosterol is thought to prevent hair loss by inhibiting the production of the androgen DHT. DHT is the androgen responsible for male pattern baldness, and by stopping the production, hair loss should in turn stop or at least slow.

To get all of the above in our diet is not easy considering the diet culture we have today, the bioavailability of the nutrients today in our food, the stress and lifestyle that we follow.

However we can get all of the above on a daily basis and fortunately for it we have the OZiva Plant Based Biotin and OZiva Hair Vitamins which comes to  our rescue. It has plant based extracts of Biotin and the goodness of Vitamin A, C, D, E, B-complex, Iron, Zinc & Omega3 respectively.

They help in hair nourishment, hair growth, improved hair quality and also prevents follicle shrinking and controls hair fall with the help of DHT Blockers present in it.

Along with the supplementation it’s also recommended to follow a healthy diet, regular physical activity and have a healthy lifestyle along with it is crucial as that forms the base for our overall health and not just hair health. Along with it some additional physical activity is like a cherry on the top which helps to improve blood circulation and also helps to improve the nourishment to the scalp which is necessary for hair growth and overall hair health.

CONCLUSION on Biotin and Hair Vitamins

OZiva Plant Based Biotin is made from 100% natural and plant based ingredients. It is designed to provide you 10000+mcg of biotin in one serving. It combines Sesbania, Bamboo Shoot and Amla. These ingredients will support nourished hair, healthy skin and stronger nails. 

However, OZiva Hair Vitamins is an advanced formula with Vitamins, DHT Blocker and Omega 3 formulated specially to provide Daily Hair Nutrition & Reduce Hair fall as well. Unique and Effective Daily Formula for Nutrition & Hormone related Hair Loss which is 100% Vegan. It includes vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, B-Complex, Iron, Zinc, etc. very well known for their role in hair health. They are essential to promote hair growth and improve hair strength and eventually help to manage the hair fall concerns as well.



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