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When it comes to exercise and health, there will be several points that you would want to consider or know about that could possibly bring about huge changes in your lifestyle or overall health in general.  When it comes to hormonal balance, does exercise really play a role in affecting your testosterone levels? Find out ahead.

The Truth about Testosterone

Testosterone is the male hormone which serves more than one purpose in your body. It is what helps you build muscle and also helps you melt fat. The more your testosterone levels are, the higher amount of muscle mass you would be more likely to have.  It also plays an important role in keeping your mood up and fighting of depression, preventing diabetes and heart health risks.

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With the process of ageing, the levels of testosterone also begin to go down. Research around the world shows that more and more men suffer from low levels of this particular hormone and one of the most important and prominent causes is the presence of fat. The more amount of fat your body contains, that much lower will be your testosterone level.  Excess of fat, in a way, hinders the normal production, function of testosterone. Therefore, it is very essential to keep your body fat under check.

This can be one of the reasons why even after working very hard in the gym, you may find that reaching your goals can be challenging. Perhaps, losing the fat will help increase testosterone levels which in turn, will help gain lean muscle mass.

Testosterone and exercise

There are several debates over the effects of exercise on testosterone; however, one thing that is apparent is that you need to exercise on a regular basis to reap the benefits. When it comes to exercising, all and any type of exercise counts- as long as it helps keep the fat away. The best way to approach exercise is to a build a workout plan that flexibly assigns room for cardio, weights and interval training.

However, one caution that you need to maintain is to avoid over-doing anything. While there are positive points to exercising every day, over doing it can reverse the effects. This can most probably be linked to the increased stress-phase that the body gets exposed to due to extremely intensive workouts.

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Takeaway note:

In essence, it is not just that by focusing on one particular type of exercise or food will get you the results you seek. As in any other case, three things need to be in consistency and in sync for you to see optimum results- proper sleep, healthy lifestyle and regular workouts.


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