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7 Face yoga techniques for a more toned face with less facial fat, and a younger appearance!  

face yoga

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Shedding fat everywhere else but not able to lose it from the face? Want to transform your baby face into a more slim one? Certain lifestyle techniques like diet and exercise will help push this transformation, but it still might not stop you from searching “how to remove face fat”, “how to lose cheek fat” and “exercises to reduce face fat”.

You might already be on the journey to a healthy weight, and automatically face fat will reduce as well! But Team OZiva has a secret hack for you to slim down your face – face yoga! It’s just like normal yoga…but for your face! With a series of muscle lifts and brow raises, it may help reduce and prevent excess facial fat.

Let’s have a look at what face yoga is, the many benefits of face yoga, exercises you should try right now, and the face yoga routine to reduce facial fat!

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What is Face Yoga? 

“Face yoga” is the term for a group of facial exercises that you can perform to tone and stretch the muscles of the face, usually to reduce facial fat. There is a long history of using facial exercises to help treat certain health conditions that affect muscle control – such as strokes and Bell’s Palsy.

These same exercises can help transform the face in the form of face yoga!

Other Benefits 

Other than helping you on how to lose fat from face, face yoga has numerous other benefits!

  • Helping smooth wrinkles and fine lines that come up as a result of ageing
  • Lifting the skin around your eyes to prevent under-eye circles and sagging
  • Toning and plumping up the cheeks to give you a youthful appearance
  • Tightening the skin around your face and neck for a taut look
  • Helping reduce stress headaches
  • Decreasing the pain and tension in overworked muscles (like how regular yoga helps people with muscle relaxation)
  • Increases blood flow and circulation to the skin, helping to clear the skin

Massage and accupressure techniques also form a part of face yoga, which we’ll also tell you about!

Face Yoga Exercises for the Cheeks 

Unlike Bikram or Iyengar yoga, there is no standard face yoga sequence to follow. There are many different exercises you can try, in any order you want. Each of them has their own benefits that will help you!

Experts have identified around 32 different facial exercises / face yoga techniques, where each one is done for around a minute. These exercises target the upper and lower cheeks, space around the eyes and eyebrows, jawline, neck and the middle of your forehead.

Below we’ll tell you which exercises you can practice at home! One pro tip – don’t squint too much while performing face yoga, it can be counter-productive. Focus on lifting and expanding parts of your face.

1. Eye-Opener

Use your fingers to form a binocular shape around your eyebrows, cheeks and across the face. Lift your eyebrows without squinting too much, and then lift them again. Repeat this exercise around 50 times, taking breaks after every 10th cycle.

2. The Brow Raiser

Perform this exercise regularly to keep your eyebrows higher on your face and if you want to save on a brow lift!

Make a peace sign with your index and middle fingers. Put your nails over your eyebrows and gently pull down the skin. Gently lift your eyebrows up and down, while creating a resistance with the force of your fingernails. Repeat this 10 times and complete 6 sets!

3. Forehead Lifter

Do this exercise to keep your forehead high up on your face! It’s also very helpful to work out the facial muscles and reduce tension and stress.

Interlace all your fingers over your forehead and apply a light pressure while attempting to lift the forehead. Hold your forehead up for 1 minute, and then repeat the cycle around 50 times.

The variation you should try to reduce face fat – place both your palms on your face and on the sides, and then lift the face. Hold for five seconds and keep repeating!

4. Neck and Jaw Stretch

Tighten the skin on your neck and jaw for a more youthful appearance! This tightening also helps give your face a much slimmer look.

Tilt your face upward very slightly. Lift your chin up and forward and tilt it to look over one shoulder, holding for around three seconds. Turn back towards  the center, and then repeat it over the other shouder. Repeat for around 20 times for both sides, or do one side for seven minutes straight.

The other variation (do this only if you don’t have any neck issues). Tilt your head all the way back and hold, repeating for up to a minute. This helps stretch and strengthen your neck and jaw.

5. The Cheekbone Lift

Defined cheekbones might be your dream, but they don’t come easily naturally! But we can take steps towards achieving this look through the Cheekbone Lift!

Place your fingers over each cheekbone. Gently lift the skin there until it is tight between your fingers. Then open your mouth to form a long “O” shape. You should feel resistance and tingling in your cheekbones. Hold it for around five minutes. Complete around 10-15 sets here!

6. The Chipmunk Cheek Squeeze

This face yoga exercise helps slim down your face to give it a sculpted look! Lose the loose cheek skin!

Tilt your head all the way back and push your chin forward a little bit. Suck in your cheeks as much as possible until you hear a “whoosh”! Hold it for 5-10 seconds and then repeat this posture for around 15 sets.

7. Massage + Face Savasana

Finish off your face yoga exercises with a relaxing routine that puts your right to sleep and melts away all your stress! First, clean your face, neck and jaw with a gentle cleanser, then massage your face all over with your fingers. Use oil to make this easier or if you encounter any resistance. Press your fingertips into your facial muscles to relieve any strain or tightness. Pay particular attention to the center of your forehead (your “third eye” zone).

Massage that area for around 30 minutes. Circle around your eyes as well. Finish off the routine with a warm towel on your face as you relax yourself to sleep!

How Long Does It Take to Work?

You might need to practice for several weeks to see results! Practice for at least 6-8 weeks for around 30 minutes a day to really produce results, according to most experts.

You might ask if there are any risks with face yoga. Does face yoga actually cause wrinkles? Most experts declare that it is completely safe to perform. Just make sure to avoid using a lot of pressure on your face, and squinting!

To further give you a brighter and youthful glow and reduce signs of ageing, you can take OZiva Plant Based Collagen Builder along with your face yoga! It contains plant-based wholefoods like Acai Berry and Acerola Cherry and clinically proven actives SesZenBioTM and CollabZenTM for best results! Take it for around 6-8 weeks.

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