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Healthy HabitsOur everyday habits define us. What we eat now will lead to be a part of our body. Working out today will not give you instant results but will benefit you in the longer run. Here are five habit you can change to get fitter.

Say no to sugar

If you add sugar to everything, try substituting it with honey, maple syrup or corn syrup. However it is best recommended to stay away from all kinds of sugar especially the artificial ones. You can start changing your this habit by reducing the amount of sugar in your foods everyday. For example, if you like your tea or coffee with two teaspoons of sugar, then reduce the sugar content to 1.5 teaspoons for a few days and gradually come down to 1 teaspoon to no sugar at all. After you get in the habit of having tea or coffee without sugar, you will stop liking the taste of it with sugar!

Walk more often

If you are a lazy person and find it difficult to commit yourself to exercising, then walking is the key. Walk whenever you get the time. Stay away from couches and beds during the day time. Sit only to eat and to do your work.

Have more water

Our body needs water to stay hydrated. Water is important for flushing out waste, lubricating our joints, maintaining body temperature, and overall well being of the body. Many people generally suffer from dehydration. When you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. This is your brain telling you to drink water because your body is dehydrated. Increase water intake, especially during summer, to ensure you stay hydrated.

Have protein after workout

Having protein after workout is really important as it would help you rebuild muscles which will increase your metabolism and help you get in shape. Without protein, your workout would not help you much in the longer run. Protein is required in our body to carry out almost every chemical reaction and also build and repair muscles.

Have a proper sleeping schedule

Sleep is very important for our body as it requires rest for restoring and rejuvenating our body. However it is important to get the right amount of sleep. Sleeping too less or too much can harm our body. Usually a teenager requires 8 hours of sleep and adults require 7 hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause weaker immune system and can also cause many diseases in the longer run. Excess sleep can lead to increase in sluggishness and can cause back pain, headaches, depression and even diabetes.

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