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PCOS, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is the most common disorder in women of reproductive age. 1 out of every 10 women suffers from PCOS. Though this number may seem quite less at the moment in the future (with a lack of awareness), the number can shoot up to 20-30 per cent. To avoid serious complications and long-term health effects, we must retain proper knowledge about it. 

In this article, we are going to thoroughly discuss PCOS, its symptoms, its cause, and whether you can cure or effectively manage it. 

PCOS overview

What is PCOS?

PCOS is an endocrine disorder in women caused by hormonal imbalance during their reproductive years (age between 12 to 51). Due to excessive increases in the level of male hormones, women start missing their menstrual periods. It results in irregular ovulation, which makes it difficult for females to get pregnant. There are some abnormal signs associated with PCOS, such as hair growth, unusual weight gain, and skin darkening. Scientifically speaking, PCOS is a serious disorder for women and you can treat it in time.   

Can it Be Cured?

There is no exact PCOS cure yet. However, the only way to cure it is by managing the symptoms. Dr. Munch, one of the main doctors who has extensively studied the topic of PCOS said that the treatment of PCOS depends on the patient. There are some foolproof ways through which we can minimise the causality of symptoms. Below mentioned are a few: 

Patients should try out Fertility Medications

Though there are no specific medications for PCOS, OZiva HerBalance PCOS is a clean, plant-based way to effectively manage the symptoms of the condition. HerBalance PCOS by OZiva is a Certified Clean and Vegan combination – made with 21 plant-based whole foods. HerBalance is made to keep up a healthy  hormonal balance, which may result in periodic (healthy) menstrual cycles in women. “For all the women who desire to have a baby but they cannot ovulate regularly due to the rise in androgen levels. Few fertility medications such as clomiphene citrate (Clomid) and letrozole (Femara) can benefit nurture the ovaries to get a proper ovulation more predictably,” says Dr. Munch. She added, “there are also possibilities that women without any intents for conceiving can also observe skipped or irregular periods as well.”

Birth Control

The report by Dr Munch suggests, “If the patients couldn’t get a proper treatment and medication on time for irregular or skipped periods, they can suffer from overgrowth of uterus lining.” She also explained in her theories that overgrowth of the uterus lining may result in precancerous or cancerous cells. She added, “Females with no intention of having a baby should go for birth control while conceiving to lessen the risk of that overgrowth, as well as some of the symptoms like excess hair growth.” 

Patients should focus on losing weight

Weight gain is one of the major symptoms of PCOS. Thus, losing weight can lessen the impact of hormonal balance. Dr. Munch also suggested “It has been seen that women who are infected with PCOS tend to gain some extra, it is advisable to lose weight and maintain a healthy BMI. Even losing only a few pounds of weight may help in regulating a healthy mental cycle,” She added, “Having a healthy BMI can help decrease the chance of developing diseases often associated with PCOS, mainly diabetes and hypertension.” Reports also suggest, if a PCOS patient loses 5-10% of their weight, they can improve the symptoms such as irregular ovulation and excessive insulin formation. You may consider choosing HerBalance by OZiva for better results. The HerBalance extract contains 9 standardised herbal extracts like Chasteberry, Red Raspberry, Rhodiola Roses which helps maintain the optimum testosterone levels in just 45-60 days. 

Reasons For this Syndrome

There is no specific reason for PCOS why women get affected. But how to manage PCOS symptoms? Researchers believe that some factors may induce the condition. 

  • Excessive Production Of Insulin: The rapid production of insulin can be the reason behind the formation of male hormone, androgen. These are responsible for irregular ovulation and androgen in tremendous amounts. Uneven production of insulin can cause PCOS
  • Androgen Production: As aforesaid, excessive insulin may hasten the formation of androgen, which may lead to acne and hirsutism. You may opt for HerBalance by OZiva. It is a standardised herbal extract which may help lessen the production of androgen. It contains Chasteberry, Rhodiola Rosea, and other essential ingredients. 
  • Low-grade Inflammation: Considering the recent study on PCOS, scientists have observed that women with PCOS are generally infected with low-grade inflammation. This hastens the production of androgen formation which can lead to clotting of blood vessels or heart problems.
  • Heredity: It has been observed that people with PCOS-infected parents are more likely to get infected with PCOS. 

Symptoms For PCOS

There are several symptoms of PCOS. Once you are infected with the condition, you will notice these signs. The common signs and symptoms of PCOS include: 

  • You may observe Oligomenorrhea, Irregular menstruation 
  • There would be a constant delay or skipped menstruation
  • Menorrhagia, heavy menstrual bleeding can be a major symptoms for PCOS 
  • PCOS infected women may notice unusual hair growth especially on the face, and body
  • unexpected acne on the face, chest, and upper back
  • Excessive weight gain
  • Hair loss and thinning of the hair scalp is also a sign for PCOS
  • Continual skin darkening especially in neck region, groin, and upper abdomen area

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Important Points To Keep In Mind While Dealing With PCOS

PCOS was never a common topic until recently in India, due to which there haven’t been many researchers who studied the prevalence of Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), especially in India. However, we have some data based on the research of a few experts. Here are a few important points to keep in mind while dealing with PCOS. 

  • Learn About Your Family History: The exact reason for PCOS is not known yet. Women with PCOS-infected mothers or grandmothers ought to take additional measures of prevention. They relatively have a higher chance of getting infected with PCOS as compared to normal ones. 
  • Track Your Periods: Periods delay and change in the menstrual cycle are the first signs of PCOS. Every woman should have a proper track of their menstrual cycle. Nowadays, there are tons of menstrual cycle-tracking apps. You may download a few apps on your smartphone for a healthy and PCOS-free life. 
  • Maintain A Healthy BMI: Having an optimal weight as per your height is an important factor that will keep away all health illnesses, be it PCOS or other disorders. You must eat a balanced diet and get good sleep regularly. 

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