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Should you follow a good diet just so you can achieve your health and fitness goal or should you follow a good diet so you can lead a good life in general? With the sinful indulgences provided by comfort food being so readily available around every turn of the street and even delivered to your doorstep, it is hard not to get hooked into craving and consuming fatty, sugar loaded treats.

However, there are a few people to whom following a good diet, mindful eating, and healthy living in general comes naturally. Diet and lifestyle consultant Sarika Nair is one such individual. She is quite accomplished at helping people live healthy with her vast knowledge, years of experience, and constant contributions to the community through health and nutrition related articles on various blogs and websites.

It’s our absolute pleasure to bring you the views of Dt. Sarika Nair and her take on healthy living.

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Q. Hi Sarika, could you please introduce yourself briefly to our readers?

A. I am a diet and lifestyle consultant. I am very passionate about health and I love to help people be healthy the right way! I have a wonderful daughter who is in her teens. I have always been conscious about what I eat and hence it comes naturally to me. I am very health conscious and always take out time for my health. I am an avid blogger and I love to share informative articles about diet, nutrition and healthy recipes. I contribute to many websites.


Q. What is your philosophy for nutrition counselling?

A. My philosophy is all inclusive and not exclusive. I believe in a wholesome diet. I don’t believe in excluding any food groups from the diet.  Fad diets come and go, but healthy eating never goes out of fashion. A balanced diet is sustainable and always advisable.


Q. What are some of the diet/nutrition related myths that you’ve come across over the years?

A. There are many, but here are a few:

  • People think that they can eat anything if they exercise: Once they start exercising, they eat anything and hence they don’t see results.
  • People think that weighing scale is the only benchmark for being healthy. This is not often true. Many a times, thin people are deficient in many nutrients.
  • Underweight people eat junk to gain weight. They focus on calories but not on nutrients. They don’t realize that the junk food is spoiling their health.


Q. Do you have a “mantra” for living healthy?

A. I believe in respecting our body and making healthy choices. We shouldn’t take our body for granted.


Q. What is your opinion on OZiva – the products and the philosophy?

A. I am impressed by OZiva products. More importantly I believe in their philosophy. We are on the same page in that aspect.


Q. We know you as an exceptional dietitian – we would like to know what you are like when you’re not working!

A. That happens rarely as I am a workaholic. I am a typical type A personality and find it difficult to relax and not do anything. So usually in my free time I love to read and travel. Even if I am travelling in the city, I love to converse with strangers. I have had my best of conversations with amazing people I didn’t know, and still don’t. I don’t watch TV but I follow a few shows on the web. I love crosswords and puzzles. Also, my daughter is my buddy and we often hang out together for fun.


Simple words that carry a powerful message – enough to make us wonder if we’re doing right by ourselves when we give in to short-term pleasures and over-indulge, unaware of how much damage is actually caused to our bodies.

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Big thanks to Sarika for sharing her views and insights with us.

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