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With communication becoming so convenient, trends and fads are quick to come and go from our lives. Standards, especially for health and nutrition are set and changed before we can fully grasp and implement a single one. Amidst all this information overload and free-flowing (often) un-validated claims, it takes a lot of effort in differentiating right from wrong and genuine information from baseless claims.

Mumbai based dietitian Swati Dhingra Chawla makes it a point to stick to the basics by using time tested home remedies and modern nutrition research & science to provide guidance to people for them to lead a healthier life.

We had the opportunity to get a closer look at Swati’s approach to nutrition and healthy living.

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Q. Could you please introduce yourself briefly to our readers?

Hi. I am Mrs. Swati Dhingra Chawla- Clinical Dietician and Health Consultant, Speaker, Product Developer and certified Yoga trainer by profession. I have 7 years of broad expertise working in this profession. I abide by the principles that Nature is the best cure and hence advise the most natural way to achieve good health. The enthusiasm and passion with which I work is translated into smiles spreading across numerous faces and helping them reshape and transform their life.


Q. What is your philosophy for nutrition counselling?

The best, cheapest (though now a days not cheap) and the most natural drug available is food. Your health speaks a thousand words. My philosophy doesn’t go with the hyped standards today which are more of misconceptions amongst society leading them to ill health. My approach combines more of grandma’s science, kitchen remedies and modern nutrition science along with understanding the psyche of an individual which helps me to provide holistic approach treatment which is customized to the individuals need and care.   

Apart from this, eating right foods at correct times with a balanced combination and healthy cooking methods helps achieve a good health. In today’s time, things which are most neglected are the most important ones. People spend lakhs on medicines, luxury etc.. but if little is invested in health it will be tax levied and all the luxury achieved naturally, since health is not only good physical but also mental health.


Q. What are some of the diet/nutrition related myths that you’ve come across over the years?

The word “diet” in itself is a myth for most of us.

But popular myths observed are;-

  • Use of potato/ rice makes you gain weight.
  • Eating only fruits for days for weight loss is a popular myth amongst women.
  • A lot of patients are skeptical of using protein food supplements as part of their meals for the fear of bulking up.
  • Eating small frequent meals makes you gain weight.


Q. Do you have a ‘mantra’ for living healthy?

Eat well – Live healthy. It’s all about loving yourself and being healthy, fit, active-physically, mentally and spiritually. Being mindful about small things to positively grow into larger things.


Q. What is your opinion on OZiva – the products and the philosophy?

Best thing are the natural herbs added to it which often becomes difficult to consume. Till now no side effects observed and also provide good quality protein and taste.


Q. We know you as an exceptional dietician – we would like to know what you are like when you’re not working!

I am a total workaholic and I love to keep doing something new always! I love to cook and explore new cuisines and new places. So always trying to experiment something new… Being a fitness junkie, I practice yoga, meditation and core strength exercises regularly. Also, I love music and reading. So mostly in my free time people can find me sipping on a cup of green tea and book in my hand or as time says “digital world’ browsing and hunger for new learning every day keeps me growing as a person. 


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Shout out to Swati for taking the time to do this.

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Lots more coming your way, stay tuned!

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