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Getting used to keto diets can be a bit of a task initially. That is why we suggest you go through the list of 5 fixes that you will need to help you maximize your progress while you live off low-carbs.

Even with a satisfying food menu for a keto diet, many feel compelled to go back to their normal eating habits and think about quitting the whole keto-game before even ketosis sets in properly.

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Here is the list of staples to help you get through without the dreadful “keto-flu” or any cold feet that you might develop!

  • Electrolytes: Shifting your body’s primary source of fuel from glucose (carbs) to fat is challenging. It not only takes time but will also need a great deal of perseverance with the initial days giving you headaches, nausea pr fatigue. This happens as a part of the induction flu. As a result of carb intake being lowered to an extreme, the electrolyte levels take a hit as well. And electrolytes like sodium and potassium will help you get over those nagging headaches. Especially if you workout harder, try banking up on water as much as you can and keep electrolytes by your side.
  • MCT (medium-chain-triglycerides): MCTs, as compared to your other fat sources like nuts, serve as a unique source of fat as they enter the blood stream much rapidly due to their unique chemical structure. This rapid absorption helps them serve as a fuel for brain and the muscles. You can try adding in MCTs like coconut oil (the best source!) or butter or other sources to your meals, smoothies or other beverages.
  • Caffeine: What better time to ring in that much-needed caffeine than now? While you are busy making the shift from one fuel source to another, your brain might be in need of a kick that will actually help you fight the fatigue that sets in during the initial days. Rather than functioning at a listless pace, consider adding caffeine to your diet. For all you know, Caffeine also helps improve your performance during training and is also a much-touted fat burner.
  • Fiber: While you are busy sorting out a deliciously fatty menu, you might have overlooked one important thing to keep your digestion running smoothly. Fiber. If you are worried about veggies or fruits adding on to the carbohydrate intake, consider opting for a fiber supplement. Or add in something like ground flaxseeds to your smoothies or bran to your meals.
  • Vegetables: How much of our meals comprise of veggies and greens? And with a keto diet, we have all the more reason to avoid it in total. The measure you need to take to improvise on this part is to look for an excuse to get in the greens. You need not invest in a whole bowl full of sabzi to go with your meals. You can try and sneak in some veggies by getting in some coriander or spinach or any dark green leafy vegetable into your eggs, investing in a cheese or chicken/ fish infused salad for meal. Having a pulpy, green smoothie with your cheesy snack. There are plenty of options to keep you away from a micronutrient deficit, if you look for them.

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