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Diet Plan

You probably already know that the most crucial factor in achieving a fitness goal or just living healthy is – diet.

Making sure that your body is getting all the required macro as well as micronutrients in the right quantities is half the battle won. A good diet can help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce body fat, improve energy levels, sleep better, improve immunity, de-stress, and generally make you feel better.

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There’s too much of information on the internet, too many confusing opinions, and a lot of noise in general. So, how do you get what you need without getting lost in the sea of information?

Enter Zi.

Zi is an AI powered smart fitness companion who can give you a free diet plan, amazing on-the-go workouts, and provide guidance on all things fitness. Zi is trained to adopt a scientific approach for building a personalized diet plan for you and comes up with simple, easy-to-follow diet plans, taking into consideration your height, weight, preferences, activity levels, and medical conditions.

Aside from this, Zi has a fantastic collection of short workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere – without needing any special equipment or too much of your time. How good does that sound?

Zi has been trained based on information gathered from years of research and knowledge from experts & specialists in the health and fitness industry. The best part is, Zi gets smarter every time you talk to her.

Zi also provides a way for OZiva customers to stay connected with their nutritionist at all times over chat. If you’re an OZiva customer, any time you wish to get in touch with your nutritionist – whether it’s for advice or simple motivation or sharing your progress – you just need to drop a message with Zi.

All of this is Free. Absolutely Free ( only chat with expert is restricted to OZiva customers)

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Ensure you have Facebook Messenger App downloaded on your phone if you wish to Chat with Zi


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