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Whether you are stuck on that last leg of your weight loss journey or in the middle of it- there are some common favourite picks among those losing weights that don’t go without consideration.

Green tea or green tea extract and l-carnitine are the two most common and widely used aids for burning fat. But how are they different from one another? Is it possible to lose weight with only either one?

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Releasing fat:

The fat in the body is stored in adipocytes or fat cells. For the body to experience fat loss, these fat cells need to be stimulated for release of fats and broken down into smaller portions for easy oxidation.  There are several ingredients, Green tea and l- carnitine being the two of them that work in their own individual metabolic pathways to enable this.

Green tea extract:

It is the most sought after, common ingredients either taken in supplement form or as a beverage for aiding in fat burning. It contains catechins or eppigallocatechingallate as the main active ingredient that is an antioxidant by nature. In addition to improving immune health, this particular active ingredient is also responsible for fat-burning effects. The eppigallactocatechingallate keeps the level of norepinephrine high by inhibiting the enzyme activity that breaks it down. A higher level of norepinephrine increases the body’s metabolic rate, thereby resulting in fat burning.

The recommended dosage for green tea per day is 4-5 cups. Which translates to 400-500 mg. of eppigallocatechingallate in terms of supplemental intake. Taking one dose of this as a pre workout or 30-40 minutes prior to a meal is usually recommended.


It is an amino-acid like compound that is one of the most important component of the transport system that works by carrying the fat molecules into the cell’s mitochondria (where fat oxidation takes place.) The activity of this particular molecule has been studied well and is scientifically backed as an important agent in the fat burning process.

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Studies have also shown that l-Carnitine has ergogenic  effects when used along with carbohydrates, thereby improving the workout quality.

An intake of 2-4 gm. of l-Carnitine is suggested, either pre workout or prior to two or three meals.

Takeaway note:

No single product or ingredient can help you achieve weight loss unless it is paired with the right kind of exercise, diet and lifestyle. Furthermore, fat burners that comprise of more than 1 or 2 fat burning ingredients tend to work better at the fat oxidation than just one component. Using more than 1 component may in fact be beneficial as all the ingredients can synergistically work towards the same goal through different pathways.

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