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To begin with, the first image-of bulky guys-that comes to mind when you think of protein powder is something that you urgently need to do away with. That being said, women actually have more benefits to reap from quality protein powder than men do.

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 While women make plenty of efforts to make a diet seem healthier, greener, cleaner and do with it all that they can to lose weight, the most important ingredient to fat loss gets overlooked. Especially in a typical Indian diet, the main staples are bent heavily towards carbohydrates and even if you were to design yourself a diet to help with weight loss, protein is bound to get snubbed. And a lack of involvement of good quality protein is what keeps you from burning more fat and achieving weight loss, despite being on a healthy diet.

While it may seem like protein is meant for those who have higher physical activities or are athletes: its not. Yes, people with an increased level of physical activities and athletes do need protein however more protein is needed by women who are being active or trying to lose weight. That is, to keep the muscles stronger and the metabolism running smoothly. When your metabolism is on track, your body will burn more fat and with exercise, you will don a toned look!

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How Protein & Herbs is ideal:

OZiva’s Protein & Herbs is a great choice because it has been developed keeping the precise needs of women in mind. It stands out because it is one of the first protein products in the country which is actually high in protein. Containing they class A Whey protein isolates, Protein & Herbs offers 22 gm. of pure protein per serving that helps improve metabolism and correct the fat% level in the body.

What makes Protein & Herbs special is the addition of Ayurveda to this product. A bunch of powerful, effective ayurvedic herbs that are specific to women.

The infusion of Shatavari– also known as the healer of 100 different ailments, helps in striking a balance in the female hormonal system.

Tulsi, one of the most revered ancient herb that is added to cleanse your body, inside out. It not only works to purify blood circulation but also helps improve the hair and skin quality.

Green Tea extract, one of the best sources of powerful antioxidants and also a great beverage to help increase your metabolic rate- this one helps prevent any potential free radical damage and improves your fat burning ability.

Omega 3 fatty acids need no introduction. These plant-derived omega 3 f.a are potent antioxidants, protect your heart’s health, brain health, reduce post workout muscle soreness and injury among a horde of other health benefits. What’s more, being plant based source of omega 3, this product is suitable for all the vegetarians out there!

Protein & Herbs is a safe whey protein powder that is an all-in-one package that collectively works to improve your overall health and that is why, Protein & Herbs is not just a performance protein.

Shake it as you make it:

If you are strapped for time or in the phase of trying to steer your eating habits to the right, putting in that extra effort to make a meal healthier can seem quite a bit fussy. That’s where your whey based protein shake comes in handy; mix it into a smoothie with your favourite fruits or dark chocolate nibs or bulk it up with some oats. Sprinkle some whey powder into your pancake batter or add in a bit to your morning bowl of dalia or oats.

Most importantly, look for the label of the protein powder. Go for a protein that has less than 6 gm. carbs and less than 2 gm. of fat per serving. Also, make it a point to stick to the protein that has a smaller ingredient list; sometimes fillers like cellulose, wheat grass, etc may be added in as inexpensive sources of bulking the product which take away the necessary protein that you need.

Add OZIVA Protein & Herbs Shake to Your Diet if your diet is lacking in proteins.

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