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It is no secret that as and when you age, you seem to show gradual signs of muscle loss over the course of time. It’s hard enough to be coping with sleep troubles, lack of energy and loss of bone density- the loss of muscle makes it harder, furthermore. However, though loss of muscle is unavoidable with growing age, it can be delayed and your muscle mass can be maintained better.

What happens?

The progressive, unavoidable loss of muscle mass with age is known as Sarcopenia. Lack of muscle can also make you more lethargic, increase your chances for type 2 diabetes and add on to weight- from fat making up for lost muscle! Prioritizing on protein intake while engaging in consistent training has a positive impact on muscle growth and its repair; but more than helping you put on mass eating protein helps you maintain your muscle as you age.

How do you deal with this?

The solution is simple. Instead of burning your money for innumerable treatments, why not take care of the problem at the bud itself? The more you age, more protein will you need, this has also been supported by several studies. Since our muscles depend on protein for fuel to grow, repair and maintain them, it is only wiser to make healthy changes to your diet for good.

Therefore, go pro-protein. Now fortunately, there is an enormous amount of food list available for you to take advantage of and help you meet your protein requirement. As per a study mentioned in the Journal of Nutrition, health & aging, your protein consumption goes upto 0.9- 1.1 gm./ kg of body weight per day.

Here are some of the good protein sources that you can choose from:

  • Eggs– both yolk and egg whites
  • Lean meat: chicken, fish, lean red meat
  • Dairy: Milk, paneer, low-fat cheese, curds, yogurt, whey and casein
  • Seafood
  • Soyabeans, tofu, edamame, soy protein powder
  • Other plant proteins: Kidney beans (rajmah), chickpeas, pea protein, hemp 

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