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We all know one of the most common aides for weight gain-taking a weight gainer, right? But in the desperation of seeing some solid gains and significant muscle pile ups, how well do you really know to put the gainer to use?  

Here is a simple guide to help you get going with the gainer in your routine.  

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The process:

The first and last rule to gain weight is simple- eat. While this would be a joy for anyone, it comes with its own challenges.  While you need to bulk up on calories, you need to ensure that they are coming in from the right sources. If you do not pay attention to what kind of calories you are feeding your body and irrespective of healthy food or not if you only focus on eating, you are soon going to gain a lot.

A lot of fat. Fat that you can probably do much better without, trust me.  

So, to properly gain weight, you need to ensure that the calories coming in are coming healthy that fuel healthy muscle building and not just piling on fat.  Combined with exercise, there is better recovery, repair and muscle building that will happen and keep the excess fat accumulation at bay.  For your diet part, make sure that each meal is balanced in a way that it contains healthy amounts of proteins, carbs and healthy fats all coming from wholesome, good quality sources.

The gainer plan:

General rule is to increase the caloric intake in a bid to help your body store more than it expends so that all that can go into muscle building and muscle packing. More so, if you are working out.  

And since each body is unique and different in its own way of metabolic activity, the time frame in which you start seeing the results may also vary. If you are someone who is a hard gainer and probably needs more of caloric intake, your daily gainer intake can go from 1-2 scoops easily. You could do this by either taking your shakes post workout and again before bedtime.

However, if you are seeing a steady growth in your form, you may stick to only 1 serving of the gainer.  

Apart from that, you need to ensure that you are taking the gainer by mixing it with something that has more calories (milk instead of water.) No matter how many servings of gainer you may need to take,  the best times to use divide the servings is by taking once, early in the day and once again at bedtime so that protein synthesis and muscle building keeps happening at a steady rate all throughout the day as well as night.  

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Takeaway note:

Eating the required amount of calorie intake for growth can be a serious challenge.  Therefore, Mass gainers can turn out to be a real help as they are packed with calories and protein. So, use a mass gainer for gaining muscles, eat balanced meals and workout regularly to keep the muscle synthesis happening and to avoid the excess fat storage.

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