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While there are several theories as to why underweight people have the body they do ranging from genetics to appetite and what not. However, those looking to gain weight definitely want to get there on a healthy note, i.e. gaining weight without piling on fat stores.

We have compiled our top tips for women who need to show some love to themselves:

  • Start slow:

Yes, you’ve heard that you need to increase the caloric intake to see the significant difference. However, to say that you need about 3000 kcals a day does not mean that you will need to push down everything in sight, in your kitchen. Start slow, take things forwards gradually than doing it suddenly. Sudden change in the consumption pattern will not only get your digestive system messed up but will also not get you anywhere close to your goal.

  • Quality over Quantity:

Always lookout for the kinds of foods that will not only give you calories but also good amounts of nutrients as well; you don’t want to be on a binge eating diet and get in empty calories with nothing but fat to offer. Go for foods like nuts and oilseeds (flax, sunflower seeds, etc.), olive oil, milk and milk products, fruits, dried fruits, healthy starches like brown rice and sweet potato or plantains, etc.

  • Keep a diary:

Record in a book, as to when do you eat and how much, for about 15 days or so until you learn about your eating habits. With the help of note, you can identify and adjust places in your diet to add in a bit more of healthy calories.

  • Snack smart and eat small meals:

Eating smaller meals frequently will save you from feeling overloaded especially if you are one with an appetite that makes you feel full sooner. Snacking is another way to help you eat frequently and also keeps you from getting too hungry by the time your next meal-time arrives. Snack on something like a handful of nuts or whole grain crackers or fruits.

  • Drink up:

Instead of drinking unhealthy cold drinks or sugar loaded fancy beverages, invest in a good, protein rich gainer. Not only does gainer helps you bridge the caloric gap but it also additional to protein sources like lean meats, eggs, milk and milk products, pulses and legumes, beans, etc., it helps you to put on lean muscle mass and also doubles up as your post workout protein shake!

Gainers usually need to be taken 1-2 times a day. This easily saves you the trouble of deciding on a snack when you feel like having one.

  • Adjust your workout plans:

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If you have been doing mostly cardio exercises (running, walking, sports, aerobics, etc.) then you might need to rework on your workout plan. Get in some body weights, resistance training and weightlifting (go ahead gradually, of course.) at least until you reach your target weight goal.

  • Be practical about it:

Lastly, remember to be patient and persevering. Just like any fitness goal takes time to be reached, weight gain is also a process and may not give you results overnight. Just remember to keep at it, be consistent with a well balanced diet, a good high protein gainer supplement and be regular with your workouts. 

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