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Biotin is the new buzzword in health-town, isn’t it? From powders to capsules, to instant gummies for hair being advertised everywhere, we need to understand is Biotin really good for our hair or is this just a marketing gimmick? Let’s find out.

What is Biotin?
Let’s first understand what Biotin aka Vitamin B-7 really is. It’s a vitamin and its deficiency causes problems such as hair fall, brittle nails, etc. It is also called Vitamin H as it is considered by many to be good for health and skin. It helps in the production of fatty acids and glucose and metabolizes carbs and amino acids. Biotin also assists in the breakdown of fat. Thus, Biotin is definitely a vital nutrient. But how good is it really for our hair?

Biotin for Hair
Biotin accelerates keratin production, the basic ingredient of hair that enhances and nurtures hair to grow thicker and stronger. It increases rates of follicle growth as well.  It is an essential micronutrient that is used in almost all organ systems. Because of its role in keratin production, it is essential for the nourishment of hair and nails.

So should we take as much Biotin as we want, in our pursuit of glorious, beautiful hair? The answer lies in one word: Dosage.

Choosing the Right Biotin Supplement
It is important to take Biotin in a planned, controlled dosage. Biotin supplements in the form of powders or capsules should be shared with our physicians or nutritionists in order for us to get the right amount. For those, who cannot swallow tablets or capsules, powders and gummies are a good way to take Biotin. However, with gummies, it’s difficult to identify dosage and may contain sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives, which in the long run can do more harm than good. As an informed consumer, it’s best to opt for a clean, plant-based Biotin supplement that gets easily absorbed, whose dosage can be determined and is free of artificial ingredients and sugar.

As we have heard before, fire can both warm us as well as burn. It’s important to use Biotin for our hair effectively in a way that improves our health in the long run.

You can understand how OZiva Plant Based Biotin works for your hair in this video

Written by Nidhi Girijan
Nidhi is a 20-year old undergrad student who is obsessed with her cat and k-pop

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