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From creating a community of farmers in villages in Maharashtra to helping them with resources on-ground, these men and women are taking matters into their own hands to bring change with us through the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program. 

In villages in Maharashtra where the average income of a farmer is around 5000-10000 INR a month, making a continuous living and taking care of their families becomes an uphill struggle. Here, these changemakers are finding the resources to change the narrative, in partnership with the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program. 

As with all changes, these will take time. However, many of these farmers have begun emphasising the importance of education for their children and asking them to complete higher studies to fulfill their dreams. 

We present the story of three changemakers in the Satara District of Maharashtra who spend their days taking care of the needs of the farmers in the surrounding villages and helping us execute the program flawlessly for the benefit of these farmers and their families. 

When Team OZiva visited the Satara District and the village of Shirdhon, we got to see these changemakers in action. We were moved by their sheer commitment to the cause and the lengths they go to to make it a reality. We salute them and they inspire us in every step. 

Sanjay Shegde 

Sanjay Shegade is the ultimate changemaker and on-ground person in our OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program. He is a farmer in the village of Shirdhon, a small village located in the Satara District of Maharashtra, and has been living here for many years as an esteemed member of the community. Being aware of everything that the farmers here face, he put his heart and soul towards improving their circumstances. He is aware of every single farmer in the community and maintains close links with all of them. 

Sanjay joined hands with the Pure Trust India, our NGO partner executing the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program. Every day, he ensures that the program is executed step-by-step amongst the village students. First, he was instrumental in helping us select the families and children who would participate in the beginning stages of the program. He conducted the student and family interviews and background check throughout the districts and provided key inputs into the students’ circumstances, goals, dreams and aspirations, as well as how the program could make  them happen. 

Sanjay participated in the purchase of uniforms and school supplies such as notebooks, pens and rulers for the children. He is a key participant in food and supply distribution to the families and kids of Shirdhon village, and ensures that the extracurricular activities planned throughout the school year are implemented properly. 

Going forward, our planned career counselling seminars for the students will happen due to the help of Sanjay. He has already helped us gather the crowd for several career seminars in Jalgaon and Tandulwadi villages, and ensures that the students receive appropriate attention. We are indebted to Sanjay for all his work done on the program so far as on-ground manager. 

Prachi Shinde – The Right Hand Woman of the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program

If Sanjay Shegde is the left arm of the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program, then we are fortunate to have Prachi Shinde as the right hand woman. A former graduate of the school in Shirdhon, she is in a unique position to understand the concerns, needs and dreams of the students who are currently part of the program. 

Prachi currently manages the program on an administrative basis. She is aware of each of the 100 students who belong to the program, and regularly catalogues their dreams, ambitions and successes.  Along with Sanjay, Prachi takes care of sourcing uniforms. Each uniform worn by the students in the program is made by the women in the village. Prachi is the main coordinator between these parties. 

She maintains the catalogue of goods and products made by the women’s empowerment group in the Shirdhon village of the Satara District and helps them sell their products so that they can make a little extra income. 

For us getting to know the farmers and students in the program, Prachi was instrumental with her signature warmth and kindness. She is a changemaker and inspiration to the young women in the program who are on the journeys to fulfil their dreams. 

Prashant Pal – Partner for the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program

Prashant Pal - Kisaan Vikas

Our initiative for the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program would have only been an idea in our head if we had not been lucky enough to connect with Mr. Prashant Pal. Prashant is the co-founder of the Pure India Trust, which he has been running since 2013. His specialty is developing and deploying unique Career Guidance and Mentoring programs in schools of all kinds, for students in classes 8-12. The program focuses on creating awareness about the 100 most popular careers among students, parents and teachers to allow the students to decide their dream at the right time. 

Pure India Trust has reached out to over 6000+ students, conducted 24 career awareness workshops and given out 500+ scholarships, and employed more than 50_ of the youth. Knowing the NGO’s focus, we knew we wanted to partner with Pure India Trust to take our vision forward. 

Prashant Ji, as we fondly call our dear friend, has led this operation from the front from the day we met and told him our vision. He has been personally involved in planning, initiating, executing, monitoring, and crafting the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program along with us. We are fortunate to have someone with his experience and initiative at the steering wheel. 

Check out Prashant Pal’s LinkedIn here. 

Read more about the program here. 

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