When it comes to peanuts vs. peanut butter, both have always been a favourite among consumers! Although peanuts have always been one of our favourite snacks, what do we know about their benefits?

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Go nuts when it comes to peanut butter vs. peanuts:

When you’re looking at peanut butter vs. peanuts, realise that they are both considered protein foods. In general, as per studies, it is recommended to have at least 30 gm of protein per meal for optimum protein intake throughout the day. And, being a good source of protein, peanuts serve as a great snack that is packed with healthy fat as well as protein.

As far as calories are concerned, it is for sure that peanut butter as compared to peanuts that have a greater number of calories, since the spread would have more than just peanuts to add to the ingredient list. But let us read more about peanut butter vs. peanuts, compared to various other factors. 

Peanut Butter Vs. Peanuts – Fibre and Carbohydrate:

The fibre along with the starch content adds to peanuts’ carbohydrate content. Peanut butter is usually smoother and contains less amount of fibre, but maybe is higher in carbohydrate content due to added sugar. Whereas, peanuts have less amount of carbohydrates in total but have more fibre (because of the skin) and therefore have a plus point over the butter version. In peanut butter vs. peanuts, peanuts win in the matter of fibre. 

Fibre is a great addition to the diet, because unlike the other two components of carbs-sugar and starch- fibre doesn’t break down and add to the glucose but instead helps bring it down. It also helps trap the fat and remove the toxins from the body. A half serving of peanuts (14 gm) contains 1.2 gm of fibre and 1 tsp. (12 gm.) of peanut butter gives 0.9 gm. of fibre. 

Peanut Butter vs. Peanuts – Fat and Calories:

Both peanut butter and peanuts are great sources of fat- healthy MUFAs and PUFAs. Half the serving of peanuts gives about 4 gm. of MUFAs and 2 gm. of PUFAs, while a tbsp. of peanut butter spread also gives the same amount of fat (coming from peanuts.) However, you have to keep one more thing in mind when it comes to peanut butter vs. peanuts. Many times, peanut butter also contains added “vegetable oil”. This vegetable oil may source in from hydrogenated or trans fat which is added to improve the spread’s texture and make it smooth. So in peanut butter vs. peanuts, you might have to choose raw peanuts for better fats and calories. 

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Peanut Butter vs. Peanuts – Takeaway note:

Although peanut butter (smooth) may not be the most ideal choice because of the fat content, you can choose 100% natural (chunky) peanut butter which is a better choice. Chunky peanut butter vs. peanuts (one serving) per day- either can be your choice for the day but make it a point to not go overboard with either.


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