The Ideal Bedtime Routine for A Good Night’s Sleep

Having some trouble sleeping? A huge percentage of the population is facing the same. India ranks as the second most sleep deprived country in the world,...

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Redefining What ‘Be A Man’ Means

On average, men globally die 5 years earlier than women. Men also account for a whopping 69% of suicides. When you look at these facts, you realise how...

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Deepika Padukone wants to encourage people to be Har Tarah Se Better

OZiva, along with Deepika Padukone, aim to empower every individual’s journey to a fitter, healthier and better life with certified clean and plant-based...

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The Foods That Are Laced With a Lie and How to Spot Them

Markets are bustling with “health-conscious” people looking for health-friendly foods. The funny but sad part is that those who often shop food with the...

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