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Markets are bustling with “health-conscious” people looking for health-friendly foods. The funny but sad part is that those who often shop food with the intention of eating healthy food, end up buying lies packed under the name of health.

Let me specify, how many of us really read a food label? And how many of us even make an attempt to understand the content mentioned? Exactly what I am talking about; this is just what the giant food companies take an advantage of and are feeding us the wrong kind of “healthy”. And moreso, during the festive seasons!

Read on to unmask the truth:

  • “Fat-free” anything.

As soon as someone who is watching their diet and is not familiar with the way food label reading works, they will immediately want to get their hands onto anything that will say fat free. One, it seems fancy. Secondly, you have been fooled into believing that since it says fat free, it is healthy for sure. Not.

The problem with anything that says it is fat free is that it is not sugar free. A product has been rendered fat free, but it with the removal of fat, it has also lost the “taste” factor. And to compensate for that, the product will have been laden with sugar to make up for the lost taste. Sometimes, several companies would even use thickening agents in the fat free product to retain the texture. No unnatural additives will ever do any good to your body.

  • Putting the Diet in the soda.

Diet soda claims to be calorie free, so many soda lovers think it is the next best thing to have if you cannot have the regular version. It has artificial sweeteners to enhance its taste, which dulls our sense of taste towards naturally sweet foods like fruits over a period of time. Not just that, it has same effect on the body as sugar does, triggering insulin and making your body store fat and you end up gaining weight.

  • Low-fat Ice-cream

This has the same problems that a fat free yogurt does. There will definitely be less fat, but that may not be the same for sugar. Sometimes, instead of sugar, high fructose corn syrups (HFCS) could be used, which can sometimes be even worse than sugar. HFCS is one of the world’s leading reasons for growing obesity. However, ensuring that it has very limited or no place in your diet will definitely be rewarding in the long run.

  • 100% Natural fruit juices

If only that claim was true. It is not uncommon to see brands selling off fruit juices as something containing “natural fruit” in it. Although, it might contain fruit to some extent in your fruit juice but most of what you are going to be drinking is more or less sugar laden, HFCS or flavour enhancer chemicals that have been added. Not only are these juices high in calories, but drinking such high amount of sugar laden liquids is not going to help your diet n anyway. Without pulp (fiber), though there are added nutrients, these products still do you more harm than good.

Better Food Choices:

You must strive to eat the real thing, go for whole foods. The only catch here is that you need to practice moderation. Choose to go for foods that are more wholesome and more natural and you will see the positive effects showing up on your health.

The best habit to develop is reading food labels. Pick the food product which has the least number of ingredients- this is one of the best ways to ensure that you are eating something that is closer to its natural form. 

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