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While we try to usher in as many calories in the name of a good quality, heavy-duty post workout option, what we possibly fail to understand is that we are only keeping our diet from working.

Considered as the most popular and most sought after, favourite post workout option, protein can never be something that one could go wrong with; especially when it is only comprised of everything that is going to be “fast acting, rapidly digestible” source of protein and carbs right?

Wrong. If you’re goal is primarily to lose weight, you could possibly whip up a disaster and end up hurting your weight loss goals. Read on to know where you are probably going wrong and what can be done to avoid it:

  •  Biggest meal of the day:

Many people who train for weight lifting often ensure that their post workout meal is really filling. And when that meal happens to be a shake option, it would probably mean that you are going to be including huge amounts of food sources in your shake. But this is one blunder that is going to go against you, especially if you take this on either ends of the day.

  • Sugar overload!

The post workout window is the most opportune moment to feed your body the best of all the nutrients that you can think of. Also, considering this is the time period during which your muscle tissues act as absorbents to all that the body offers, this is perhaps the best time when you will see rapid nutrient delivery and absorption happening as compared to any other time. While this stands true for simple carbs, especially, it most certainly does not mean that you should be making your post workout meal or shake overloaded with sugar or sugary treats like nutella or fruit juice or flavoured syrups and what not. This will create 2 big problems for you; 1, your post workout shake or meal will keep on multiplying the calories before you know it, and this can create a problem for anyone who especially has been watching calorie intake, and secondly, due to it’s quickly digestible nature, your high caloric-heavy duty shake will burn out more faster than you will know and you start feeling hungry soon after.

  • You think only a shake is the right answer.

First and foremost, you do not really need one. Not a heavy, sugar loaded one at least. You can recover, ensure that you gain lean mass and build your stamina by opting for better, wholesome and healthier options. This will not only ensure that you are getting better nutrient exposure post workout but also help you control your caloric intake and hunger. Try to include sugar less or very low sugar containing shakes if you must or opt for wholesome, filling meals. Consider this: add in some fruits (not fruit juice!) or oats in your blender along with a good whey powder. This will ensure that you are taking in good amount of protein as well as fiber.

Furthermore, to quell hunger pains throughout the day, strive for a more even distribution of calories, rather than saving them for your post-workout meal.

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