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The first thing you need to understand when you gain weight is that you’re either gaining muscle or you’re gaining fat. So the healthiest way to gain weight is by putting on lean muscle, which means while you’re going to be eating more, you need to be conscious of what you’re eating.

Getting enough protein in your daily diet is crucial. While getting enough protein in your diet is a huge priority, you also have to make sure you’re getting the right amount of carbs and fat.

Before you charge ahead with a gainer, there are a few important things that will help you understand the benefits that you will be getting that are not just going to help you gain weight but also help you train better.

Read on to know more:

  • Meeting your caloric requirements:

The best part about weight gainers is that you don’t have to stress much about emptying most of your pantry to meet high caloric requirements!

Meeting the high caloric requirement for gaining weight can be very difficult with your regular diet, especially if you consider yourself to be a hard-gainer, and with the help of a gainer this task becomes significantly easier. Since weight gainers provide over 1000 kcals per shake you can quickly and much more effectively meet your enormous calorie needs.

  • Specially formulated fats and protein to help you stay leaner

Another benefit to using a gainer is that many come with a particular dietary fat (relax, not all fat is bad.) and protein blended into the formulation to help you gain the essential nutrients with the calories.

  • Post-workout and daily varieties available

Another great thing about weight gainers is that you would be able to find the ones formulated in a way that can be taken closer to your training sessions, which can double up as meal replacers or can be an addition to your meals. This is one sure shot way to boost your calories per meal.

If you are hoping to use the weight gainer immediately after your workout, then look for the ones that contain lesser fat and have better carb content. This is the prime time to feed your muscles fast acting carbohydrates so they can help the muscles derive their fuel from amino acids.

OZiva’s Gainer & Herbs is something which you should definitely go for if you are trying to put on muscle mass and looking for weight gain. With a good 1216 calories, 70 gm. of carbohydrates, 20 gm. of protein and only 2 gm. of total fat, this product is stands as the perfect example of the aforementioned. Taking this post your workout session is definitely going to help you see some significant results.

  • Recover faster with added essential aminos

Lastly, the one important reason you should consider adding a weight gainer to your routine is simply because of its role in muscle recovery.

Muscle recovery after workout is absolutely essential if you want to maintain that muscle mass. If you are only going to be focusing on working out more intensely and pay lesser attention to what goes in how much amounts in your diet, then you are going to have a hard time gaining weight.

Moreover, adding in the right mix of essential amino acids like lysine, l-methionine, arginine and l-glutamine is going to go an extra mile for you. These amino acids not only play an important role in helping you build muscles and recover but also offer added benefits of strengthening your immunity, neurotransmissions, and various body functions.

To conclude, when taken in with the right kind of training session paired with a properly spread diet routine and appropriately spread lifestyle changes, you should be seeing the desired results in no time.

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