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Protein being one of the most basic and important nutrients does not only partake in the basic body functions of enzyme production, hormonal and cell functions but also affects the overall health. The effect of protein on weight loss and as an energy booster has been long researched upon.

However, when combined with certain ingredients or components that work synergistically, you get to reach your ultimate goal sooner as well as see other benefits along with it.  

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Here are the 3 main components in a protein shake that increase its nutritional value:

  • Protein content: The most important part of a protein shake is certainly the protein content. The type of protein used, the quantity and quality used determines the ultimate effect of it all. Generally, the most preferred protein shakes are whey based because of whey’s ability to be digested sooner and as a result, quicker delivery of nutrient or fuel to the exercising muscle. Whey protein is the highest in biological value and being a complete protein in itself, it serves as the best choice for athletes and others who need a higher intake of protein on a daily basis.


Ideally, the best kind of protein shake is which provides at least 25-30 gm. of protein per serving, which in addition to a well balanced diet, helps you meet the daily protein requirement. The benefit of having a high protein content per serving of shake is, you not only get enough protein for basic functions but also that extra boost that gives undivided nutrient supple for proper muscle recovery and growth apart from maintaining satiety.


  • Herbs: While protein shake can be quite a good boost for health by itself, going for a product that is fortified with health boosters can be quite a catch. Addition of ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha, tulsi, ginger, shatavari, etc. works towards maintaining the hormonal balance, boosting stamina and endurance, improves your system inside out while herbs like Green tea extract, spirulina help provide the necessary antioxidants and agents that promote healthy fat loss, muscle toning and delay the aging process.


  • Multivitamins: It is no doubt that when we follow a faulty diet pattern which includes frequent skipping of meals or making unhealthy food choices every now and then, we tend to miss out on the micronutrients like vitamins and minerals that eventually results in bigger damage at a later stage. Under any circumstance, it is definitely better to get your vitamins and minerals in their most natural form from your platter and that is why you need to ensure a healthy balanced diet as much as possible. However, to beat the chances of vitamin or mineral deficiency, most protein shakes contain the necessary micronutrients. This not only covers your micronutrient intake but also improves the overall nutrition quality of the product.  


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Takeaway note:

The bottom line is, when choosing a protein shake ensure that the product gives at least 25-30 gm. protein per serving, is fortified with 25-28 micro-nutrients and even better if it contains helpful herbs or components that boost the nutrition quality of the product.  Is essence, a protein shake may not only be limited to providing protein for your gains but with added health boosters, the product functions as in a teamwork to bring out the best results in your health.

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