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Just like men, not all carbs are made to be equal. Carbs give us glucose- which is the first and foremost source of energy that our brain, muscle, heart, nervous system goes to. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand the importance of including some and cutting out the ones that lead to trouble.

Whether or not you are looking to lose weight- if you know your staples, the right ones from the avoidable ones-you will notice the improved energy levels, better hunger/ cravings management and better health overall.

You can do without these:

  • Ready to eat cereals, especially the ones that have higher sugar content.
  • Foodstuffs made out of refined flour or maida like- white bread, most bakery products, biscuits, white pasta, pita bread, cake, pizza base, chips.
  • Candies/ chocolates (especially the ones with a cocoa content lower than 50% are the ones that usually contain high amount of milk solids and sugar.)

These kind of carbs are known as simple carbohydrates- since they are broken down through the process of refinement and are quickly digested, thus giving a quicker hike in the blood sugar levels. Quickly digesting means getting hungry that much sooner!

The good guys that you should regularly use in your diet:

  • Whole fruits, whole vegetables
  • Whole grain cereals, pulses like brown rice, whole wheat flour, whole wheat semolina, whole grain or multi grain bread varieties, sweet potatoes, oats, jowar, bajra, ragi millet.

These wholegrain/ wholesome foods are known as complex carbohydrates that are digested slowly and stay in your gut longer owing to the higher fibre content. This causes the blood sugar to rise slowly and gradually and keeps you full for longer. While giving you a steady dose of energy, constantly.


All about wise choices:

No food is completely bad; it all depends upon the frequency and place of use. Though in limited quantity, simple carbs are suggested as instant energy source pre workout. However, it is always better to maintain a limit for consuming simple carbs, for they are mostly devoid of any significant nutrient and only help in instantly increasing your energy levels for a small period of time, which is why they are best suited as a pre workout.

As per the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA), carbs make up anywhere between 45-60% of our daily macronutrient intake. What food we choose to fill these percentages with defines the result that we get as our physique. 

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