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 If you are not aware of it yet, let us tell you. Your immune system is fantastic. 

One of the most complex mechanisms in your body, your immune system protects you from many illnesses like sore throat, fever, flu, colds, and many more. Harmful bacteria and germs in your environment can not only make you fall sick but also cause serious health issues any time of year. Your immune system defends you from them.

As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” Don’t just sit back. Give your immune system some much-needed boost. Take proactive measures and increase your intake of Vitamin C and Zinc. We’ll tell you why.

What is the Role of Vitamin C in fighting cold and flu?

When people think of nutrients that boost immunity, Vitamin C comes to the mind first and rightly so.

Vitamin C stimulates the production of leukocytes (white blood cells or WBCs). These WBCs are the warriors of our immune system and they help fight off diseases. It also binds and neutralises the free radicals, encouraging the body’s antioxidants to regenerate.

The proper balance of Vitamin C benefits our body by adequately maintaining our defence system and reducing oxidative stress. 

Once you have a cold or flu, the Vitamin C levels in the body drop as your defence mechanism mobilises. So, you are recommended to increase your vitamin C intake through your diet or plant-based vitamin c capsules when you have a cold/flu. This is to support your body’s defence system and prevent it from collapsing. 

Zinc is important too!

Zinc is a powerful and effective micronutrient that is seen in abundance in proteins. It’s been proven that zinc is essential for neurocognitive health and wound-healing. 

Zinc aids the immune system to defend your body against viruses and bacteria. It prevents cold viruses from adhering to the host’s nasal mucosa cells. It also works by stopping the growth of these germs and prevents them from reproducing. 

Finally, Zinc benefits our body by preventing histamine release and controls prostaglandins’ metabolism, reducing the potential inflammatory reactions caused by flu or cold. As a result, the respiratory mucosa does not swell as much as it should, making breathing easier. 

So, it is essentially to supplement your diet to ensure proper intake of zinc.

Key Takeaway

We recommend that you pay heed to the zinc and Vitamin C balance in your body, especially when you are down with cold/flu. Zinc and Vitamin C, along with many other biofactors, help maintain a healthy body’s defence system, lowering the chances of infections such as the common cold and flu. 

You can opt for plant-based supplements to make sure you are getting all the zinc and Vitamin C you need. We recommend OZiva Plant-Based Bettr.C+ that is a powerhouse blend of Vitamin C, Zinc, and other plant-based extracts. It is a clean, certified formulation with no side effects.

It helps to fight pathogens and boost immunity. It also soothes skin with the help of antioxidants and promotes radiance and glow. 

Hence, when you consume the right and clean nutrition along with appropriate exercise that complements clean living, you get a boost in your body’s ability to prevent cold and flu and other diseases and promote your overall health.

Watch more informative video on OZiva TV by referring to the link below where we have our nutrition expert talking about the benefits of OZiva Bettr.C+ in detail.
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