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Working out and following a diet plan is usually the answer to the weight woes of most, but some who despite working out and following a set diet reach a stagnant phase that just doesn’t budge! Through this article, we try to highlight the top 4 supplements for women that will help them bridge the gap keeping away from their weight goals.

While your making an effort to put in all the hard work in your routine trying to make it healthier by the notch, we recommend you add these supplements to charge your muscle gain and toning, speed up the fat burning process and improve your overall health quality.

1. Whey Protein:

One of the milk’s two proteins that accounts for 20% of the milk protein, it’s most zealously known for its digestibility. Once ingested, it is broken down easily and the amino acids are quickly absorbed into the muscle tissues. This is especially beneficial and works the best when taken around workouts. While protein from foods like eggs, lean meats, fishe, etc is recommended, these take time to digest as compared to Whey protein. Whey, along with protein delivers peptides that have been known to increase blood flow to muscles that can be helpful before workouts as it would then efficiently provide the necessary nutrients.

2. Caffeine:

This one is one most popular stimulant used to enhance fat burning and improving the overall workout quality. Not only that, it also boosts muscle strength, intensity and accelerated fat oxidation during workouts. It particularly gives better results when taken in combination with green tea extract. Together, these compounds work synergistically, and improve the overall thermogenesis.

3. BCAAs:

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BCAAs are the three essential amino acids that share a branched molecular structure. This is exactly what gives them unique properties that each can confer. BCAAs are the important fuel needed by the exercising muscles that you anyway need – either through diet or via supplements since these cannot be made by the body.  They help delay the onset of muscle fatigue while working actively to help build new muscles and maintain a positive nitrogen balance in the body. Out of the 3, Leucine is the one particular amino acid that majorly affects protein synthesis and muscle growth.

4. Essential micronutrients:

The right blend of micronutrients is something that will actually help fill the nutrient gap in your diet. While you are taking your normal diet, it is possible that you may not always take up each important one in the recommended dosages. Therefore a good blend of multivitamins and minerals or micronutrients is suggested to help you get over or avoid any deficiency that a varied diet or exercise can incur.  

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