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If you are one with the love for coffee or tea and can’t imagine your mornings without a nice cup joe, brace yourselves because here we bring to you the 5 ways in which you can make the most of your caffeine and see yourself inching towards your fitness goals with much ease.

Taken in the right amount and at the right time, caffeine can improve your performance during training and can even help you recover faster.

Touching down upon the benefits of caffeine:

  • It helps accelerate fat loss:

Several studies have confirmed caffeine’s ability in enhancing fat burning during exercise, thus making caffeine a potent fat burner. Caffeine acts as a stimulator on the nervous system, thereby increasing the activity of hormone epinephrine-which eventually signals your body to burn fat. Though Caffeine may be touted as a fat burner, for best results it is always wise to pair it with a well-balanced diet that suits your fitness goals along with consistency in workouts.

  • Caffeine helps improve performance:

Caffeine goes beyond just being a stimulator that increases your alertness and awakens you wholly. It goes up that extra notch to help save you from untimely fatigue that you might be feeling otherwise, by reducing the action of certain receptors in the body that are responsible for causing fatigue.

Take in your caffeine supplements as your pre-workouts, especially on the days when you are going to need to put in some extra muscle work.  This ensures that you put in twice the amount of hard work into your training period at the gym and overall, increase the quality of your workouts too.

  • Increases your concentration and focus:

Coffee has been known for the longest time as a cure for morning grogginess, ask a not-so-morning person and they will confirm it for you. Looking at its scientific side, this happens as a result of caffeine toning down the two hormones- dopamine and serotonin- known to calm, soothe and bring about a slight feeling of drowsiness. With your dose of caffeine, you not only fight the sluggishness but also remain focused throughout the day as well as in your workouts.

However, to avoid overdosing on caffeine, limit the dosage to 300 mgs which can be taken about 30-60 minutes prior to workout.

  • Caffeine helps with better nutrient uptake post-workout:

It is well known and proven by research that caffeine helps improve performance and focus. Now, caffeine has also been in studies that conclude caffeine improves the refuel-rate and quality post workout. Following a comparative study between a group that was given carb + caffeine (post workout) and a carb only group, it was observed that glycogen synthesis increased by 66% in the muscles. Though it is not certain how glycogen resynthesis is affected by glucose; high glucose and insulin levels along with several signaling enzymes for glucose transport are the most probable factors.

  • It helps you get over your post-workout soreness:

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For anyone who works out hard, DOMS is no news. DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is usually a result of a tough training session and to your delight, caffeine is the hero in this area as well!

As per studies, it is believed that caffeine reduces the action of fatigue inducing substance called adenosine (which gets activated during an injury or heavy workout). However, with caffeine and a lowered awareness of pain and soreness after heavy workouts may give you the room to continue with your workout sessions in a week and thereby lead to better muscle growth and weight loss through fat loss over time.

Although your cup of coffee does contain caffeine, it is not enough to help you achieve either of the above mentioned benefits. That is why, if you are wanting to lose weight and workout, opt for a fat burner that does contain caffeine as its component and you will have hit at two targets with one arrow!

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