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We intend to create sustainable livelihoods for the farmers, whom we consider to be the backbone of the Indian economy. Our main objective is to empower 10000 farmers by 2025 with the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program. 

Around 42.6% of India’s current, able-bodied workforce are employed in agriculture. Farming plays an essential role in India’s economy, and will do so for every generation to come. 

However, farmers face all sorts of uncertainties every day, be it environmental, social or economic. These include weather fluctuations, uncertainty of a steady water supply, the growing risk of losing their landholdings, income decline from crop sales and labour shortage. 

In some cases, the next generation of farmers and their children seek to move to bigger cities in search of opportunities beyond farming. In other cases, farmers struggle to find the funds to educate their children. 

Noticing this, we decided to step in to make a difference where we could. We want to ensure a brighter future for Indian farmers and will empower 10000 farmers with sustainable livelihoods by 2025. 

Creating Sustainable Livelihoods 

OZiva has always had a close relationship with farmers, who are the backbone of the clean, plant-based ecosystem we have been building for 6 years. We respect their love of the land and grit, and are aware that for every morsel of food we consume, we owe them thanks.   

So, we sought to give back to this community, sparking the thought behind the new OZiva Kisaan Vikaas program. 

Upon realising the depth and breadth of our vision, we decided to execute it in stages. We were looking for the perfect agents to help make it a reality. Enter Pure Trust India, an NGO who has conducted successful projects in 10 states, amongst 900+ villages, held 650+ vocational training sessions, and has trained 20000+ students. 

As a result, we chose to partner with the team of Pure Trust India for this project. 

Kisaan Vikas All Begins with Shiksha 

The first stage of the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program is called Shiksha. OZiva supports the education of 100 farmers’ children from the district of Satara in Maharashtra. These kids range from 13 to 17, and come from villages such as Tandulwadi, Shirdhon and Jalgaon. 

These 100 children are the sons and daughters of small and medium farmers who are either land-less or own small pieces of land insufficient to sustain their families. These students have been attending government schools in their villages. When the ground team of Pure Trust India did an initial survey of Shirdhon, they noticed the following: 

  • 70% of students in Shirdhon graduate from school and are struggling to find jobs 
  • 20% stop after passing the 12th standard and might work in Shirdhon 
  • 10% drop out completely due to family pressure or finances

To improve the situation, we have identified and equipped these deserving students with the academic and financial resources necessary to become well-rounded learners  and independent members of society who can further contribute to this sustainable livelihood: 

A student supported by the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program receives stationery items (school bag, notebooks, encyclopaedias, water bottle, geometry kit, hygiene kit and career counselling books). A key part of their curriculum will include a comprehensive career guidance and motivational session. To help the students decide further what they want to do, we plan to hold a domain-specific career guidance and motivational sessions based on the students’ interests such as medicine, engineering, defence and police forces, commerce and entrepreneurship. 

How You Contribute to the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program

Kisaan Vikas

When you buy an OZiva product, you make your life fitter and healthier. And a part of your purchase also goes towards the education of the 100 farmers’ children.  

OZiva puts your contribution towards the education of these 100 farmers’ kids. These kids have already enrolled in the transformed Shirdhon school and will experience career counselling to decide their futures.

Beyond education: Arogya, Sampoorn and Vriddhi 

While the beginning of the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program focuses on education, we plan to take the program beyond that to further empower 10,000 farmers by 2025. Thus, this will happen in three stages post the completion of Shiksha: 


OZiva ensures better health and nutrition for farmers and their families


OZiva educates farmers on the industry best practices to ensure better crop output 


OZiva creates a sustainable ecosystem where we empower the farmers by sourcing key ingredients for our upcoming products

With your continued support, we strive towards a future for 10000 farmers that is #HarTarahSeBetter. Click here to read more about the program. 


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