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There are several diets- some good ones and some really impractical ones- which individuals, in a bid to lose weight, follow.  This often time results in a series of yo-yo diet episodes and as a result you lose weight to certain extent during your dieting tenure and again re-gain the lost weight as soon as you get off the diet. This is not only unsustainable, but also becomes very hard to follow.

Dieting in a way that’s right for you is all about creating a plan you can follow consistently throughout your life. That only happens when the diet conforms to your tastes in foods, your schedule, and your exercise preference. When you eat like this, the only thing you need to change over time is your daily caloric intake. Your basic approach to your food choices remains the same.

What happens?

When dieting, especially when it is taken to the extreme level the body observes it as a stress. At this point of time, your body is comfortably used to the fat% present in the body and when you make a sudden and extreme change to your diet, the body feels like it is being pushed out of its comfort zone. That is why, it will try to send misleading signals to the brain and you often end up feeling more tired or craving for food.

When dieting, you cut down tremendously on the caloric part, and workout more-which essentially means you are eating less and trying to workout double the amount. This makes your body think that you are spending energy excessively and it tries to conserve it. It is here that you see that your weight has become stagnant. At some point you will lose your motivation, take a break from this diet and in some time, gear up for another shot at another ‘diet’.

How do you break the vicious cycle?

Rather than focusing on starving yourself into oblivion, focus on your energy levels, workout quality and overall well-being.

Here’s the list of things you need to keep in mind next:

  • Avoid using your weight as your measurement. Weight on scale will never be the best to tell you the right phase that your body is in. You can either focus on the energy level changes that you will be feeling or you can have your body composition analysis done.
  • Don’t go by the universal rule of starting with sudden caloric restriction. Infact, try adding a 10% more to your intake. While yes this will initially show a slight increase in the figures on the weighing scale, over a period of time you will notice your metabolism will have improved. This is a good time to ensure good quality workouts.
  • Be persistent, be consistent. With an increase in the calories, you will notice efficiency in energy supply too. This will boost your performance. This forms a healthy cycle- you take in reasonably healthy amount of calories, this improves your metabolism and in turn helps you burn more. While this system gets balanced, your appetite regulatory hormones- which are not subject to sudden eating pattern changes- are happy and don’t confuse your body or your mind. 

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