Nutrition essentials are a topic of focus when we discuss proteins. Unfortunately in India the food is exceeding in carbs, throwing the protein out of the pot! All credits to carb staples even non vegetarian do not receive enough protein in their meals.

Thanks to Mother Earth which produces greens which brings more proteins to your diet.

Here is a list of 10 high proteins vegetables that you can add into your life for more energy and to create vibrant health naturally.

1.      Spinach: As you know spinach is popular as “super food”, but now you can have them knowing that they are high in proteins too. It is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and within that deep dark green color is also plenty of protein.

2.      Kale: Kale is truly one of the best greens and vegetables choices. You can add them in salads, soups or casserole or blend it into a smoothie knowing that you are getting protein.

3.      Broccoli: Broccoli is not only high in proteins but also rich in antioxidants and minerals. To capitalize on a wide range of vitamins, one can cook raw broccoli as mains in the menu. Have broccoli in soups, salads or steamed it with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

4.      Peas: Peas are not only one of the favorite kitchen additions but are excellent protein sources. These little pods of greens can be added to baked foods or have them fresh. So if you are looking for some protein boost remember to add handful of them to your diet. People allergic to soy or eggs or dairy can use pea as their source of protein.

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5.      Sprouts: They are available in many varieties and can be incorporated in diet as an addition to salads, sandwiches and soups. Trying mixing different kinds of sprouts available as the different varieties are all delicious.

6.      Mushrooms: mushrooms have firm texture and immune boosting properties. They can be made into a nutritious and filling main meal. They are tasty too. Cook them under hot grill with drizzle of olive oil. When they are almost done top them up with some garlic and bake them a little longer.

7.      Chickpeas: Chickpeas are one of the oldest crops consumed in the world. Chickpeas are a type of legume that offers a range of health benefits. It helps to boost digestion, increase satiety, keep blood sugar levels stable and more. Chickpeas are a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals that’s why they are often included in many healing diets.

8.      Kidney beans: Kidney beans are also known as Rajmah, well known pulse used majorly in rice preparations, curries, and salads. They are a very good source of protein, dietary fiber, folate and copper. These are a good source of manganese, phosphorus, vitamin B1, iron, potassium and magnesium.

9.      Black eyed beans or Lobia: Lobia assist weight loss. It is high protein high fiber legume. Being rich sources of protein, iron, folate , lobia is a must include in the diet of a pregnant women.

10.    Soybean :Soybeans, which are also known as soya beans, are a species of legume that have become one of the most widely consumed foods in the world. Soybeans have a wide range of health benefits; including the ability to improve the metabolism, help people gain weight in a healthy way, decrease the risk of diabetes, and generally tones up the body. They are extremely useful for human health. Soybeans have become so wildly important and popular in recent times because of the rise of soy food’s popularity, including soy milk and textured vegetable protein. Due to the high levels of protein it is an ideal protein source for vegetarians.

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