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Mothers are those rare gems whose value is unknown to even them! That is why they need constant reminding that, along with their families and homes, they need to take care of themselves too. Lately, my mother has not been keeping well. A primary reason being that she works continuously. Age is another factor that is in play here. My mom is not young anymore. And other family members and I cannot be with her at all times. So, I found ways to make my mom take care of herself.

How I Got My Mother to Take Care of Her Health in 10 Simple Ways

Help her in the kitchen
I help my mom in doing kitchen chores as much as possible. This frees up a lot of her time that she can then utilize in self care.

Daily yoga asanas
I take out time personally to ensure that we both practise yoga and mediation. This helps in physical as well as mental relaxation

Frequent breaks
I convinced my mom that just as I needed study breaks, and dad needs work breaks, she too needs a break from her chores. She can take a small nap or do relaxation exercises. Since this is the advice that she has given all of us, she couldn’t decline and now practises it herself. I give my mom the example of how people doing office work take small breaks to freshen up their minds. It is the key to finishing each task with renewed zeal without getting too tired at the end of it all.

Taking deep breaths
Deep breathing relieves stress and calms the mind. It also helps in alleviating frustration.

Protein powder for my mom
Since my mom is vegetarian, her daily protein needs aren’t met through diet. This is why I have asked her to take OZiva Protein & Herbs for women, which is a 100% clean, organic protein powder that also contains additional herbs. 

Avoid multitasking while eating
Earlier we would watch television, etc. while eating food. This would lead to more food wastage and also none of us would enjoy the food properly. Now, dinner time has become more of a bonding time and is much more satiating for all of us. I also cook with her and it relaxes her. 

Calcium for her bones
As women grow older, they are most susceptible to degenerative bone diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis. My mom who is in her late-fifties suffers from knee pain. So which is why I got the OZiva HerBones which will not only help in improving calcium levels but also help in achieving hormonal balance. It has been 3 months since she started it, and there is already an improvement in her movement. 

Mental Health over everything else
We often forget to focus on our mental health. Which is why we have now started to do meditation in the morning, after we do you. It helps us in reconnecting with our innermost selves, rationalise our feelings and let go of the negative emotions that impact us. It has significantly improved our mood and mind.

Regular sleep schedule
Earlier we would keep watching daily soaps and sleep late. We have decided to restrict screen time (phones, tv, etc.) to 9 pm latest. My mother has a problem getting sleep so I am planning to get her OZiva Melamag to help regulate her sleep cycle.

Daily hugs
I know this is not directly related to health, but everyday I try to hug my mom, tell her how much she means to me and even press her feet. It instantly relaxes her and frees her mind from the day-to-day stress that she goes through. 


I have realized that with parents, you have to do activities with them and encourage them with each step, the way they did for us when we were kids. Apart from that, they need more than just diet and exercise to stay fit. They need nutritional supplements like OZiva to help them maintain their health. So what are you waiting for? Go h

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