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There are many commonly held beliefs about hair growth but they are simply not true. These beliefs are everywhere – we grow up believing them. However not only are a lot of hair growth myths out there plain wrong but many of them were created by the hair care industry to increase their sales of the product. 

We all want beautiful hair but the road to obtain it can be filled with confusion. In a world where social media and search engines are always on the fingertips , the line between science and myth is blurred.  

It is the time to walk away from superstition and do your best for your hair. Let the debunking begin. 

Myth 1: Switching Up Products Makes Your Hair Grow Better

Just like we do better with a varied diet, your hair does better when you switch up your products- so the myth goes. The idea here is that hair gets used to certain types of products after prolonged use and then that product stops being quite so effective. Switching up also is believed to deliver different nutrients to help your hair stay healthy. 

Hair stops responding to shampoo or conditioner for various reasons. It is not because it is used for certain treatments. Everything from hormones to environmental factors can influence the way hair responds to a product. If the product has stopped working , you might have buildup on the hair that is inhibiting it. In that case you can start with a clarifying shampoo. 

Myth 2: You can eat a Specific Diet for Hair Growth 

Like other health aspects of the body, hair growth depends on nutrition. It is suggested that plenty of water, a balanced diet, inclusion of protein in the diet, and healthy fats can contribute to happy hair and glowing skin. Likewise, much research supports that a diet without enough protein can hinder hair growth. 

However the speed at which your hair grows is mainly determined by your genes and hair type. If you are not deficient in Protein, Biotin, Zinc and Selenium, you aren’t going to see much of a difference if you adopt a hair growth diet. 

Myth 3: Shampoo makes your hair growth rate slower

Some people believe that shampooing your hair frequently can reduce hair growth. In fact the idea is that shampoo is detrimental to hair growth. 

While it is true that most people don’t need to wash their hair daily basis, neither it is good idea not to shampoo. Shampoo removes excess oils, product buildup and sebum that cakes onto your scalp over time. On average it is completely normal for both men and women to shed 50-100 hairs. Stress is the most important factor that causes an individual to lose hair. Shampoo prepares your hair for the conditioner to penetrate deeper. It will help your hair look healthier for a longer span of time.

One of the best ways to help with hair growth, hair fall control and hair health is a plant-based supplement such as Biotin powder. Consuming a Biotin powder for 3-6 months can help with keeping your hair goals! 

Here are a few facts about OZiva Biotin Powder: 

Biotin also known as Vitamin B7 is a vital nutrient which takes part in many of the metabolic processes like in carbohydrates, fats and proteins. One of the processes is in protein metabolism where it is the building block of keratin required for stronger thicker hair growth, as keratin is the key component of the hair. Biotin powder helps in producing amino acids which further produces keratin. Biotin powder can be found in many foods like nuts, whole grains and cereals. Biotin powder shows collective effects for hair growth. It helps to amplify the growth of hair follicles. Also, as earlier described, Biotin powder helps in formation of keratin thus prevents hair thinning, damaged hair and other hair concerns. Biotin powder also helps to make more new keratin protein cells required for hair growth and thicker hair. Thus overall, Biotin powder helps in maintaining good hair health by keeping your hair strong and voluminous.

But sometimes our diet can lack vital nutrients like Biotin or there can be deficiency because of many other factors too which causes damage to hair without any hair growth. Thus during such times, if proper supplementation through the form of Biotin powder is provided then we can see proper healthy hair growth. OZiva Plant Based Biotin is there to help you. This biotin powder is a complete plant-based and natural supplement made from Sesbania Agati, Bamboo Shoot and Amla. These ingredients will support nourished hair, healthy skin and stronger nails.  This Biotin powder is present in two flavours- classic and lemon.

Biotin powder contains Sesbania which is a great source of Biotin and provides 10000 mcg of  Biotin per serving. The main action of Sesbania is to aid in hair growth. It also contains amla which has beneficial antioxidant properties which support healthy hair and nails. Also it increases blood circulation in the scalp and triggers health growth. Another vital ingredient used in this Biotin powder is Bamboo shoot which is again a rich source of silica which is important for faster healthier hair growth.

Thus taking our Biotin powder along with a proper protein and vitamins rich diet will help to give you healthy and strong hair along with faster hair growth. Read more on Biotin here. 


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