No matter however many of the fitness lovers try to make it simple for the rest, there will always be few who will question the power of protein and especially give in to non scientific myths. If you are one of those few who feel frequently tired, are wanting to lose weight and looking for a more firm body but need clarification regarding protein and its effects on the body, this article is for you.

First things first- Protein does NOT make you bulky

Men have different nutritional needs as compared to women? True. Is protein is only meant for men or bodybuilders or those who train at the gym? False. Let’s get one thing very clear here: not everyone who goes for a protein supplement will end up with a bodybuilder’s body because to get yourself there it takes years of perseverance, hard work and patience. Although, what you need to know is that, protein is the fundamental nutrient needed for the body to work efficiently. You need it to burn the extra fat that accumulates in the female body, thanks to hormone estrogen. And you need it the most for that much wanted, firm skin and healthy hair.  No matter how much weight you lift or what whey protein powder you take, females do not have the hormone testosterone to help them bulk up to be a bodybuilder.

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Another thing to be noted is, when you do consume protein, it does not get stored into bulks of protein in the body. The body breaks protein molecules down to amino acids and these amino acids fulfill their individual roles like helping make enzymes, hormone production, tissue regeneration, muscle repair, etc. In essence, either it gets broken down and utilized as per the body’s demand or gets stored as fuel backup in the muscles.

Will high protein food make you gain more weight?

Learning to make smart food choice is always going to work in your favour. With protein, quality matters over quantity. That being said, choose your proteins wisely. Go for leaner meats, whole milk, choose low fat cheese like paneer (cottage cheese), eggs, avoid frying animal protein sources and cook them in a healthy way (grill them, steam them, bake them!)  No protein will give you more than 6-8 grams of fat per serving, at max. While you try to keep a check on the fat content, you also need to remember that certain foods like fish, some nuts, eggs contain healthy fat (omega 3) and therefore you need to be cautious about completely letting go off fat.

Protein will help you control your appetite

Honestly answer this: how many of you, despite being on a diet face cravings several times in a week? It is also true that many people opt for supplements to help suppress cravings because you obviously don’t want to give in on a diet, c’mon!

The best solution to fight untimely hunger? Get more protein on your plate.

Since it is slow digesting, protein creates an increased satiety phase in your tummy for longer than carb-based meals do. The reason for this is carbs get digested rapidly and cause sugar hike in the blood. This leads to a release of insulin which comes packing all the glucose from the carbohydrates into cells, leaving your blood sugar level to drop suddenly. This is exactly when you start craving or feeling hunger come back and how! When you ensure that your meal also include a good quality protein, you will notice that you don’t get half as much hungry as with only carbs and it will eventually show on your weight-scale, inches and every other means of measure that you record.

Lastly: Protein is for everybody.

If you’ve been under the impression that only weight lifters need that extra protein punch, what do you think do athletes who run or cycle or swim or practice any other cardiovascular training or endurance sport require? Allow me to tell you, individuals who engage in cardiovascular activities need more amount of protein as they burn higher amount of calories and run out fuel more often.

There are 9 essential amino acids that the body needs and it has to come in through diet because body cannot produce it on its own. Without these essential amino acids, the body would not be able to perform the most fundamental of functions. Therefore, not only does that imply that you very much need protein in to be a part of all your meals, but if you workout, you need it even more so!

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